The Turbulent North


. . .meanwhile back in Silverymoon

Still on for tomorrow, not a shopping session: What can be had is as follows:

Item Questions

What do the 2 Glow Pearls do?
o Pearl of Power: Lvl 17
o Pearl of Shattering Might – Property: Increases Melee Damage bonus dice on Critical to d10’s

Reminds you that each component can be used separately while still maintaining communication capability up to a mile distant.

What can I buy easily?

Any “Magic Weapon” or “Magic Armour” up to +3 at standard cost Note: this is items like “Magic Weapon +3”, no additional properties or powers. Any potion lvl 10 or less. Any Arcane ritual lvl 12 or less, any standard ammunition. Any other consumable up to lvl 9. Anything outside these will be a dice roll, calling in favours from friends/organisations or commissioning it especially.

What ’bout the stuff I was looking for?

Who Item Lvl Available? Price Alternate Notes
Ben Githweave Runic Armour 13 No 12,000 Cloth Runic Armour +4 (Red Silk Robe) Supplied aat huge discont by Sages
Ben Eagle Eye Goggles 12 No
Ben Bracers of the Perfect Shot 3 Yes 1,100 Heroic Tier only available
Jet Totemic Belt 11 Yes Free Wolf Totem: Given to you by Jannesson Torg
Jet Charger’s Headdress 12 No Hood of the Wolf Your Fathers Headdress, given by Jannesson Torg
Jet Stern Mountain Totem 15 No Totemic Spear +3
Jet Strikebacks Level 10 Uncommon; 10 Yes 6,500
Jet Antipathy Gloves Level 10 Uncommon; 10 No
Jet Stone of Earth 12 Yes 13,000 2 available
Jet Potion of Vitality; 15 Yes 1,000 4 available
Jet Boots of Spider Climbing 5 Yes 1,000
Jet Lucky Charm 14 No
Norreth Circlet of Indomitability 8 Yes 3,400
Norreth Goggles of Night 14 21,000 1 pair available but you do not know if they will work against magical darkness.
Norreth Circlet of Second Chances Yes 680
Norreth Hat of Disguise 5000 head 10 Yes 5,000 Party has a number of amulets of seeming
Norreth Backlash Tattoo 9 Yes 4,200
Norreth Belt of Vim 8 No
Norreth Shielding Girdle 10 No
Norreth Cord of Divine Favor 13 Yes Free Free through Temple of Chauntea
Norreth Power Jewel 5 Yes 1,000
Norreth Ebony Fly No
Norreth Iron Armbands 6 Yes 1,800
Norreth Boots of Eagerness No
Norreth Amulet of Seduction +3 15 Yes 20,000 Upgrade Cost
Norreth Wyvernscale Teleporting Armour +3 12 No 13,000 Drakescale Teleporting Armour +3
Other Pearl of Power (1st level Spell) 1,000
Other Scimitar +1, Special Power: Defending 8,315
Other Lens of detection 3,500 +5 on Perception Check (Standard Action)
Other Wand of Invisibility (37) charges 3,330 Standard Action: A per spell
Other Potion of Charisma 300 +4 Charisma for 10 minutes
Other Potion of Dark Vision 300
Other Ring of Invisibility 20,000
Other Rod of Splendour 25,000
Other Ring of Protection +3 18,000
Other Cloak of the bat 24,000
Other Staff of Life (11) charges Free Heal 20 points damage as standard action: Not rechargeable.
Other Large Steel Sheild +4 of spell resistance 81,170 Encounter: Immediate interrupt; Grants save against any one effect which can be saved against at +5 on saving throw
Other Shocking Greataxe +3 21,000 Does 3d10 Lightning damage on Critical to opponent and any enemy adjacent to opponent

Other Stuff:

Source materials: Yes to Martial Power 2 and PH3.

House Rules

Skills Checks: If Untrained you cannot support skill check. You may attempt a normal skill check for an untrained skill

Shield: Can be used with Arm slot items, Shields are off hand items

Item Creation: Enchanting magical Items takes a Week of elapsed time per Bonus and /or power. This timing is additive per plus and power. A simple +1 weapon would take one week, a +2 weapon would take 3 weeks. A +5 weapon with a daily ability and two properties would take 37 weeks. Level based items will take a number of weeks equal to the level of the item to make.

Next Session

You get eleven days before your next call to action during that time you can train, shop, make contacts as required. This session will be an information and Role playing session leading up to the next adventuring decision.

During the eleven days time you get the following:

  • News from Temple of Helm
  • News from Lord Sedral:
  • News from Methrammar Aerasume:
  • News of Prisoners
  • About Citadel Gareloth

Party Tasks:

  • Sort Gear (Done As above)
  • Train up (where needed – feats etc)
  • Divine Norreth and Thorn to check in on temples
  • Goodbye party with Oryeh and Sturm, including toasts to the fallen Bjarn. using our posh wine of course


  • Jet wants guidance from Primal Spirits about the upcoming showdown, what is the local focus for this
  • Bond with Daemonbane
  • Make Plans for Righting the wrongs committed against his Tribe
  • There is no way to speed up the Bonding time with Daemonbane. It is a phychic and emotional interweaving of minds and emotions with a sentient item. It cannot be hurried
  • Scry Citidal garaloth
  • Scry The Grey Wolves
  • Scry the Orcs and their little wizards.these should all work as they’re not protected by Mythals.
  • See if we are the top feeders in town, or if there are adventurers in the guild of higher level than us.
  • Specific Info on tannaruk and daemonFey in this region over last 1000 years or so, commonly used gates, alliances with other monster varieties, weaknesses, conduits back to the abyss to strike them at their dark hearts etc


Deeconz Deeconz

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