The year is 1372 . . .

The City States of the Silver Marches have recently united in an alliance which has the potential to rival the ancient alliance of Myth Drannor. Humans, Elves, Dwarves and others united in Trade, Knowledge, Military and Magical might. The Bardic College of Silverymoon, The Forges of Citadels Felbarr and Adbarr, The Trade from the vast surrounding forests and craftsmen of all manner and description . . . .

But in the the bright new Confederation of the Silver Marches all is not well,

  • To the South Turlang the Treant is encroaching on the very borders of Everlund, Trades routes are closing and all Communication has ceased.
  • In the East rumours have surfaced of a new evil in the High Forest, The Barbarian Tribes of the High Forest are warring, incursions from the Troll moors are on the increase and strange creatures roam the mountain passes to Waterdeep.

Diplomatic envoys have gone missing, Bandit raids are on the increase and agents are infiltrating the land.

Internally politics are fragile in the newly formed alliance – can it survive?

Help is needed . . . .

Welcome to the Turbulent North campaign!

Against the rich tapestry that is the Forgotten Realms are set the adventures of another intrepid band of heroes, will they right wrongs and be champions of good or will they fall along the wayside? Only time will tell.

The Party

Below is a summary of the party.

Present Race/Class
Ben Delat Half Elf/Sorcerer
Kladeson Jet Longtooth Shifter/Warden
Oryeh Half Drow/Warlord
Thorn Longtooth Shifter/Paladin
Talis Asimaar/Paladin
Nathian Human/Ranger
Sturm Human/Cleric
Norreth Human/??
Damakos Tiefling/Ardent

The Plot so far . . .

  1. The party has been hired to track down bandits who are terrorising the trade routes throughout the Silver Marches. They found and eliminated a group of bandits and found that the bandits were on someones payroll.
  2. Tracking the bandits back the party found a survivor, they then went back to the bandit lair to wait upon the arrival of the bandit paymaster. When the paymaster and guards arrived a fearful fight commenced.
  3. Party defeated the paymaster (Damiar) and his bodyguards and returned to Silverymoon with a prisoner and Tom, the rescued boy.
  4. Met Lord Sedral and the Company of the Grey Fist, handed over Damiar and returned Tom to his family. Set out again to try and eliminate remaining known bandit lairs.
  5. Fought Red Flag mercenary company in an ancient elven complex which had been recently unearthed and which was being used as a bandit lair. Took two prisoners Almros Hammerhand and Seria
  6. Left to meet with Company of the Grey Fist who had also been successful wiping out bandits. Turned prisoners over to Grey Fist and returned to bandit lair.
  7. Started exploring next underground level of lair. Bandits had placed traps to prevent anything coming up stairs. Found largely abandoned areas. Doors were trapped. Encountered a green slime which had come from a small gap in a secret door.
  8. Explored down concealed spiral stair case and found flooded area which was very cold. water was chest deep and freezing. Encountered some type of ooze which attacked from underwater. Carried on upstairs exploration.
  9. Sturn Joined group after message from his God telling him where to be. Upstairs exploration revealed a Bone Devil which had been held captive in an elven training room for over a thousand years. The complex belonged to House Everclear who had withdrawn to assist the troubles in Myth Drannor. No-one ever came back. Most other rooms on this level empty.
  10. Carried on exploring down the spiral staircase in the freezing water. Finally found a door which lead outside but this also released the water sweeping away party. Elven spectres attacked while the raging water made the party largely helpless. They stopped attacking when party was out of complex and into the caves outside. Then the door shut.
  11. Now in caves found the ancient footprints of Elven soldiery. Explored the other way for a while finding ancient burial crypts dedicated to Elistraee – a Good Drow Goddess. Talis was attacked by weakened shades from the crypts. Walking for hours in the same as elves when they came to a great chasm which an underground river flowed into. There they were attacked by fungus swarms and humanoid fungal shapes

Session Index

2011 Sep 12 “Finally The High Priest”
2011 Sep 05 “OMG – there are thousands of them!!”
2011 Aug 29 “We will save the sacrificial victims first . . .”

Gap in Session logs due to DM Laziness !

Session 24 12th July 2010 “Enemy once escaped, not again!”

Session 23 5th July 2010 “memorable entrace to a battle” (bandits)

Session 22 28th June 2010 “A Fishy Cooper ?” (continued suspicion)

Session 21 21st June 2010 “A Fishy Cooper ?” (Session nights changed from Thursday to Monday)

Session 20 17th June 2010 CANCELED – DM is SICK SICK SICK (physically ill I mean . . .)

Session 19 10th June 2010 “Goodbye Colin, time for a drink”

Session 18 03rd June 2010 “Hello Colin and off to Yavin”

Session 17 20th May 2010 “An unexpected Audience”

Session 16 13th May 2010 “Wolf at the Door ?”

Session 15 13th May 2010 “The wolf who cried . .wolf ?”

Session 14 6th May 2010 “a night with daisy”

Session 13": 29th April 2010 “The Dungeon and the Dragon”"

Session 12": 22nd April 2010 “Fungus, Prayers and Options…”

Session 11 15th April 2010 “Tombs and Mushrooms”

Session 10 08th April 2010 “Water Water Everywhere”

Session 09 01st April 2010 “The Devil is in the detail”

Session 08 25th March 2010 “The flavour of the jelly . . s’lime”

Session 07 18th March 2010 “A small glass of Vine”

Session 06 11th March 2010 “Mercenary battle”

Session 05 04th March 2010 “A brief stay in town then back into the fray”

Session 04 18th Feb 2010 “A prisoner and a new acquaintance”

Session 03 does not exist (Numbers changed to match Game Log Numbers)

Session 02 11th Feb 2010 “A rescue and trouble”

Session 1 4th Feb 2010 “Bandits Ahoy”

Character Creation Session

For more information take a look at the wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

The Turbulent North

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