Rules x House Rules

Playable Books allowed

Core Books

  • PHB
  • PHB II
  • DMG
  • Forgotten Realms Sourcebooks

Additional:(Provided they are bought to the game)

  • Divine Power
  • Arcane Power
  • Martial Power
  • Primal Power
  • Adventurers Vault
  • Adventurers Vault 2

No Drsgon magazine classes, skills, powers, feats, items etc may be played without consulting the DM first.



  • Aasimar is playable
  • Genasi and Drow are playable
  • Dragonborn are not playable
  • Goliaths ARE playable but will be called Half Ogres
  • Shifters and Shadar Kai are playable.
  • Eladrin are not playable,
  • Devas are not playable.

If necessary we can house rule back in acceptable races from old FR player choices – after discussion with DM.


  • Swordmage is playable


Luck of Heroes

Your people survive when no one expects them to come through.
Regions: Aglarond, Dalelands, Tethyr, the Vast.
Benefit: You get a +1 bonus to all Fortitude, Reflex, and Will saves.

2011 Oct 17: Magical Items

Daily powers: Each daily power may be used once per day ie: If you have 6 items with daily powers you may use all of them in any given day.

Game World

Flavour can be taken from FR rulebooks PRE 4th Edition – The spell plague never happened, The Gods didn’t die (except the ones from the Time of Troubles). THere are mightily powerful magics in exsitence still. Unfortunately the players might not have access to those rituals and items which have made some of the notables in the Forgotten Realms so powerful.

Rules x House Rules

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