Places x Everlund

Everlund (Large City, 21,388):

A walled city of humans, elves, half-elves and halflings, Everlund is a caravan trading city and a solid ally of Silverymoon. Its Council of Six Elders is part of the Lord’s Alliance.

Everlund faces threats from all sides. The trolls who used to occupy the Evermoors could be counted on to be stupid and predictable. Not so the giants who have replaced them. To the city’s south, the huge trees of The High Forest are growing closer and closer to Everlund’s walls. The great treant Turlang is expanding the High Forest to the north, ostensibly in order to bury the remains of Hellgate Keep off to the east.

No one thinks that taking an axe to the trees is a good idea, but urban human pursuits are substantially less relaxed in the shadow of the great trees.

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Places x Everlund

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