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Citadel Adbar (Large City, 19,962):

The dwarves who populate this militarily powerful fortress live underground in miles of twisting dwarf-sized corridors. Adbar’s aboveground citadel may be the mightiest fortress north of Amn, having withstood nearly a hundred major orc attacks over the centuries. Reaching Adbar is difficult: Merchant caravans generally travel through the Underdark from Mithral Hall or Mirabar. And caravans do come—supplying the dwarves with fruits and surface-grown vegetables and returning with metals or fine dwarven craftwork.

Humans and elves find Citadel Adbar a difficult place to relax: It’s too cramped, too cold, and the stench of the metalworks (placed aboveground instead of below, where the dwarves live) remind the elves, at least, of nothing less than an orc siegeworks.

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Places x Citadel Adbar

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