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Forgotten Realms, Northern Faerun in the Silver Marches and Silverymoon

Forgotten Realms customisation: The campaign is set with D&D 4th edition rules, but in the 3rd edition setting. The DM’s personal preference is to avoid the Spellplague like the . . . . . well . . the plague I guess. What this means is that this version of the Forgotten Realms branches from standard canon at year 1372 DR.

What does this mean ?

It means that anything which happened AFTER 1372 DR in any source or rule book did not happen in this campaign (yet). The current year is 1372 and we wouldn’t like to test our rituals by trying to predict the future! The playing group will mould that future together! Specific changes, omissions and exceptions will be listed under House Rules

Races which did not exist in 3rd edition do not exist here (dispensation may be granted on an individual basis but don’t expect to see a whole lot of Dragon born NPC’s around). Likewise races which dissappeared in the transition to 4th edition may be used after consultation and once the player and DM have created the racial stats (See Aasimar)

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