Daemonbane - Scaleburner

"The Edge of Light" - A large falchion with a rippled pattern to the edge

weapon (melee)

Initially taken to be a +2 Falchion, Daemonbane becomes more than that after bonding with its wielder

  • Able to detect Anladdar (The breastplate of Hope) and Farashil (The Dawnshield) when within a half mile
  • The blade does not hold marks of any kind, blood or dirt of any kind simply does not stick to the surface.

Unbonded: (Note Bonding takes 2 days of wearing, the bond is for life but only those of Non-Evil alignment can bond)
+2 Falchion
Poor empathy communication with wielder

Bonded but not Joined:

  • +4 Demonbane
  • Grants free Weapon Expertise Feat (Falchion only)
  • Wielder gets immediate save vs any attempt to move, slide, push, Teleport or Immobilise when attempted by a Demon. On a save the Demons action fails.
  • High Critical

Bonded and Joined

  • +4 Demonslayer
  • Grants free Weapon Focus feat (Falchion only)
  • Property: Can be wielded in one hand
  • Property: On Critical vs Demon: Demon must save or be banished to the Abyss.
  • Property: On critical Flameburst – Close Burst 1 – 6d6 fire damage to evil enemies; ignores resistance for demons
  • Encounter: Standard: Radiant Smite as per Paladin power (PHB pg92): All damage from this attack is considered Radiant
  • Daily: Standard: Attack STR vs Will: Demon is Immobilized. (Includes Teleportation). Save at -4 to end

Generic powers for all pieces when Joined
Intelligence “Awakens”. Can Talk, Telepathy and Empathy with each bonded wielder of any piece
Languages: Common, Netherese, Elven, Infernal

Note: Daemonbane is considered joined when all of the pieces are within one mile of each other. Of the join is sundered it takes a ten day for the join to be resumed once the pieces are within range of each other



Scaleburner is a finely crafted Falchion of large size. The steel is not of common nature and none but the most knowledgeable of smiths or sages will be able to determine its source.

To the eye the dark steel looks slightly rippled, although perfectly smooth to the touch. Closer inspection reveals the rippling to be an etching or engraving as if of tiny scales. The blade is balanced yet flexible and the hilt has a roughened texture which prevents the blade from slipping in the hand.

Along the reverse edge is an inscription in Netherese.

“I am the will of Hlondar, I impose on the enemy, I will not be overborne – let Demonkind beware”

Scaleburner is part of the Tri-partite artifact known as Daemonbane and is also sometime referred to as “The sword of Aurumin”

Daemonbane - Scaleburner

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