Daemonbane - Farashil

"The Dawn Shield" - A mirror polished heavy shield


Unbonded: (Note Bonding takes 2 days of wearing, the bond is for life but only those of Non-Evil alignment can bond)

  • +2 Heavy Shield ( bonus to AC and REF) additional item bonus over normal heavy shield
  • Poor empathy communication with wielder

Bonded but not Joined:

  • +4 enchantment bonus to AC vs Demons (AC Bonus does not stack with Anladdar)
  • +4 Reflex bonus vs Demons
  • Good empathy communication with wielder, some telepathy
  • Free Action : Detect Evil (20 squares – blocked by lead or 10ft stone)
  • Property: Wearer needs no sleep
  • Property: Grants Darkvision
  • + 2 to perception

Bonded and Joined

  • At will: Double strength Light. (As per wizard cantrip)
  • Encounter: Dispel Darkness Close burst 5 Dispels all darkness, Note: Does not impact subsequent darkness effects)
  • Daily (Standard): Light of Aumuntor: Close burst 5 STR vs REF (Weapon). On hit Demons are blinded, Save ends
  • Daily (Standard): Light burst – Radiant light damage to Demons close burst 5 – 6d8 Damage
  • Property: Any demon hitting the Wielder with a critical attack is blinded (save at -4 to end)

Generic powers for all pieces when Joined
Intelligence “Awakens”. Can Talk, Telepathy and Empathy with each bonded wielder of any piece

Note: Daemonbane is considered joined when all of the pieces are within one mile of each other. Of the join is sundered it takes a ten day for the join to be resumed once the pieces are within range of each other


Farashil is a large steel shield of surpassing beauty. The front of the shield is as bright as if were polished yesterday and retains a mirror sheen. A slight dappled effect across the surface on closer inspection proves to be minute engraving is a realistic scaled pattern. Within the scaled pattern other shapes can be made out depending on the observation angle of the observer. The only constant image which can be picked out is that of a falchion running from left to right across the top of the shield.

The rear of the shield has a border around the edge. on this border is engraved in a a runic script (Netherese) running from top to bottom on both sides. It reads:

Accompanying the shield is a leather cover which has a coat of arms of a shield, falchion and armored breastplate.

“I am the vision of Hlondar, I see through the dark places, my enemies know not what they do, I bring the light”

The more common name for Farashil is “Fierce Beauty”

Daemonbane - Farashil

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