Demonbane - Anladdar

"The Breastplate of Hope" - A finely wrought Breastplate with a scaled motif


Unbonded: (Note Bonding takes 2 days of wearing, the bond is for life but only those of Non-Evil alignment can bond)
Plate Armour with +2 enchantment bonus (AC 20 + 1/2 lvl)
Poor empathy communication with wielder

Bonded but not Joined:

  • +4 enchantment bonus vs Demons (AC 24 + 1/2 lvl)
  • Good empathy communication with wielder, some telepathy
  • Encounter: Minor: +2 STR Bonus until end of encounter
  • Daily (Move): Spend Healing Surge to Heal (Full hp – 1d4) (Daemonbane may make his choice)
  • Dungeoneering 15 (If Already trained Daemonbane can support Roll)

Bonded and Joined

  • Free Action : Detect Evil
  • Resist 5: Melee damage (Stacks with Demonbane Damage reistance giving +9 total vs demons)
  • +2 Damage with any melee weapon, (including scaleburner)
  • +10 item bonus to roll for any Stealth checks
  • No Check Penalty and no Speed Penalty
  • Property: Invulnerability. If a critical hit is scored the enemy must reroll the attack dice and take the lowest roll. If the roll is < 10 the damage is reflected on the attacker
  • Resistance 10 from any ranged attack by a demon

Generic powers for all pieces when Joined
Intelligence “Awakens”. Can Talk, Telepathy and Empathy with each bonded wielder of any piece

Note: Daemonbane is considered joined when all of the pieces are within one mile of each other. If the join is sundered it takes a ten day for the join to be resumed once the pieces are within range of each other


Anladdar is a finely wrought adamantine Breastplate. Engraved upon it is a scaled motif in etching so fine as to be visible only in certain lights. Over the heart is an inset badge bearing the image of a shield (XXX) with a sword (Scaleburner) crossed over it.

The edges of the Armour are engraved with a runic script (Netherese) which reads:

“I am the heart of Hlondar, I am his skill and his strength and his power. Let them beware, the ancient enemy for I will strike them down”

Demonbane - Anladdar

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