Norreth Character History

You were born in 1351 DR (Year of the Crown) in Scardale. Your father was the Beggar Lord of Scardale town. He led a loose alliance of the Beggars of the town and extracted a tithe of all their “earnings” from them. He was a “respected” member of the underside of the city.

Your mother was a fisherwoman who worked from the Scardale town port. She headed the crew of the vessel “Minstrel Wave”. Unfortunately being a woman she was prevented from further promotion in the fleet due to the local prejudice against women in the fleet. She inspired loyalty in those in her crew, they kept in line for her but the owners of the ship believed that she was up to something underhanded.

Your parents met during a small matter which was slightly illegal and formed a partnership that eventually lead to them living together and raising a family.

You were the second child of six. Your Early childhood was in the streets of Scardale with no formal education, you and your siblings were raised as a beggar children.

This all ended suddenly When Lord Lashan Aumersair of Scardale decided to go empire building. He raised an army from Scardale and conquered in rapid succession Harrowdale, Featherdale and briefly Battledale. It was at this point his plans came unstuck as his budding Empire was crushed by an alliance from Cormyr, Sembia, Zhentil Keep and the other dales.

During the war and ensuing chaos many of the Scardale town fishing fleet were sunk and your Mother was suddenly out of a job. Troops from the various allied armies occupied the dale and began a reign in an uneasy alliance. This alliance lead to much trouble in Scardale. The Zhents and the Sembians wanted Scardale for themselves; The Cormyrans only wanted the trouble stopped. Troops from Hillsfar were after whatever they could get during their stay and most of the troops from the other dales had too many troubles at home to bother with Scardale.

The Zhents cracked down on the Beggars killing some. Your father escaped and with your mother disappeared one night. They had abandoned their children and run off.

You and your brothers and sisters tried to live on the streets, over the next year your two youngest brothers went missing; you have never seen them since. Your oldest brother Nathan was taken away by a Zhent lieutenant, you haven’t seen him since. One day you, as the oldest child at age six, were trying to steal some food for your little sisters, when you came back they were gone. You found out a few weeks later that a priest from the church of Lathander in Sembia had found them and taken them away as wards of the church.

This left you on your own. For a year you managed to live on the streets until the day you tried to steal some food from the saddlebags of a tethered horse. A strong hand clamped over your shoulder and you found yourself in the grasp of an elf. Before you could protest he had turned you around, tied your hands behind your back and deposited you on the back of his horse. Frightened you asked him not to turn you in to the Zhent commander. He said he was going to take you to your parents. When you told him that your parents were gone he asked about the rest of your family, when you told him what had happened to them he just sighed and told you not to worry. He would see that you were safe.

This was your introduction to Luriel Goldspear who was to become your teacher, mentor and friend. Luriel had previously resided in Sembia but had been forced to leave when Sembia declared all Elves to be persona non-gratis and subject to arrest on sight within the borders of Sembia.

Luriel took you with him up to Shadowdale where he bought a small farm and took on business as a Bowyer.

The year after you arrived the entire world was thrown into chaos as The Godswar began. The main influence this had on you was when you were in the woods at the pool of Yeven on the Ashaba River with Luriel. It was there that you saw the aortal avatar of the God Azuth who was forced to roam the earth together with all the other Gods for a time. Two weeks later the avatar of Lliira goddess of happiness and Joy appeared in Shadowdale leaving the population awed and wondering.

Shadowdale is a small place with only a 14,000 people in the entire dale and only a thousand in Shadowdale itself. Your life in Shadowdale was wonderful. It was over the next few years you learned many things from Luriel and gradually as you grew bigger he started to let you help around the farm. He began to teach you about the making of bows and how to work the farm. During this time you grew to be friends with Scotti Amcathra, whose father was Lord Mourngrym Amcathra. Lord of all Shadowdale. Luriel also bought you word that he had discovered word of your parents. They had become brigands raiding the roads in Scardale and there was a reward of 1000 gp on their heads.

You became a regular visitor at the Twisted Tower, a former Drow stronghold that now serves as the home of the Lord of Shadowdale.

Over the next few years you saw more war, or rather a mustering of the Dales to help fight of the Tuigan barbarian invasion, and met many people travelling through. Luriel bow making skills were in great demand and the fame of the Dales bowmen spread far and wide. As he was spending more and more time making bows you assumed a greater share of the farms responsibilities, working the fields made you strong for your age and it seemed that you had a special affinity for the scythe. You loved reaping the harvest and when you were done on Luriels Farm you helped on other farms. Even at only thirteen years of age you were faster and stronger than many experienced farmers.

It was at this age that another great change came for you. The year was 1365 DR (The Year of the Sword). One night three elves came to Luriels farm, they talked with him long into the night and in the morning he came to you grim faced.

He told you that he had been summoned by the Elven Court to help deal with a problem from his home territory, the High Forest. He did not know how long he might be away but it was likely to be some time. He had discussed matters with Lord Mourngrym who had agreed to act as your guardian until either Luriel returned or until you reached the age of eighteen, at which time you would reach your majority and be able to decide your own path.

Lord Mourngrym was good to you he gave you assistance with the farm and helped you with Militia training. Scotti was being groomed for the lordship of the Dale it seemed and you became brothers in all but blood. You knew most people in the dale including the crotchety old Mage Elminster,

Your unceasing hard work and training combined with some quirk of nature made you one of the strongest men in the Dales by the age of eighteen. It was at this age you had your majority party and officially became a man, with all the rights and responsibilities that came with it. Two days after your party word came that Scardale had been all but wiped out by the Shaking Plague.

During your majority party Lord Mourngrym gave a fine speech about what it meant to be a man, he praised your achievements so far but said that it was important that all men chose their own path in the end.

This got you to thinking. There were many things that you still didn’t know. Your family was split and missing, your parents were criminals, and there had been no word from Luriel for five years. You decided that you needed to find out the answers to these questions and to do that you needed to travel.

You discussed this with Lord Mourngrym, Scotti and the Lady Shaerl Rowmantle who had become your surrogate Mother. They offered good advice and any help they could, but agreed that as a man, it was your decision and that only you could answer these questions. Lord Mourngrym arranged to have someone look after the farm while you were away. A week later you were bid a solemn farewell by your adopted family and took your leave.

You travelled to many places over the next year. You found your sisters in Sembia, one now a Priestess of Lathander, the other Married to a well to do merchant, you spent some time with them and became reacquainted – you had a family again!

After a couple of months you left to try and find your brothers. You found out that Nathan had joined the Army of Zhentil Keep and had risen in the ranks. You met him and he sneered at you as a country bumpkin, carrying a scythe and dressed in common clothes. You fought and left each other Battered and bloody. He swore that next time he saw you you’d wind up dead or a slave in the bowels of Zhentil Keep.

You tried to find your parents but had no luck for a nearly a year. You gave up and decided to try and find Luriel. In an epic three months you managed to be one of the few humans to ever go to Evermeet, the almost legendary retreat of the elves. You played no small part in helping to replant the “Tree of Souls” and earned the gratitude of elves across the face of Toril. While in Evermeet you found that Luriel had rediscovered the Grandfather tree in the High Forest which was why the elven court had recalled him, but he had gone missing six months later and there had been no word since.

You decided that the best place to try and find any trace of him would be if you started in Silverymoon. Which is where you are headed now.


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