Hello fellow party members,

I feel that while we are waiting to deliver the prisoners to the other adveturing company we should take the time to get to know each other and decide on why we are all adventuring together.

It would be good to share something about ourselves so we do not feel like we are possibly misreading each (others) characters intentions…! So I pop open some wine, chuck a log on the fire and spill my guts…

For my part, I hail from the lands of Mulhorandi and Unther (Ancient Egypt and Babalonia/Assyria). I come from a wealthy family with aparent from each society. We escaped Unther after the local priest sacrificed my sister to the god-king – hence my distrust of religion and law. This was followed by us living in Mulhorandi until I could not take being blamed for my sisters death and legged it. Since then I have been jailed, sold into slaver, pressed into military service and trained by the cult of Malar – which I do not belong too! This all adds to my distrust of the law and our party’s seemingly absolute faith in justice and what is right or wrong. I do not kill innocents which resulted in my expulsion and hunting by the followers of Malar. The civilisation I come from is the oldest human civilisation and as such considers it to be the most civilised and important of human civilisations = though these methods may seem uncivilised to the party. But then afterall you are not human so your concepts of civilsation are different to mine.

While I agree to the party’s general decision to hand the prisoners over – I thought it might help for us to understand where we are all coming from – I am not a dodgy mercenary, rather my background places me slightly at odds with handing over prisoners to potential execution when they were doing their job. Though, I will go along with the party’s decision.

I think that it would be helpful for us all to share a bit of (character) background/motives. Especially since we are forming an adventurer group. Perhaps we could also come up with some reasons for working together? Why are we helping Lord Serdral? Why are we so worried about this region? Are we in it for gold/loot or some ethical or moral reason?

It might also be good to appoint a party leader who has the final say if we cannot reach a concensus on any issues and make it part of our adventuring group charter? I think having a charter of our groups ideals (maybe rules) could be good in forming us together as a party.

What do you think fellow adventurers? Tell me a little about yourself, we fight together so lets share a bit more?


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