Kladeson Jet



Broad chested, bandy legged, grizzled and hirsute, this Mountainman dresses with practicality and high quality gear. Of note are the many skins and furs making up his attire; Ermine and Fox tails hang from his headdress down the back of his neck, from his yoke and waist. A great direwolf skin menaces from over his eyes, his shadowy look piercing past its fangs.

A pacing unsettled verve is his form of stillness, circling thrice before sitting and quietly sniffing objects of interest. He shuffles two Silver Coins between his dextrous fingers, One and Antlered Man, the other a Wolf headed woman.


Twin Brother Ghost Wolf, a summonable Shamen spirit companion. Howls silently and pads about like part of the pack. Although enemies cannot move through its square, allies can, disconcertingly it too moves through their spaces on occasion. Treats Jet as the alpha male.
Jet considers it his spiritual twin, as likely to play rough housing cubs as to converse with it for spiritual/nature bonding


Uthgar, the patron founder of all the Tribes and now a God-Spirit took form in my ancestors as that of the Grey Wolf, trained to be the next Klade/ Clan leader ( hereditery but also Merit based), my father, the grey wolf Clan head joined the spirit world before his time. Too young, i found my self outcast by my fathers sister ( my Aunt) and left to fend for myself. My Twin brother ghost Wolf came then and helped me through. After travelling, and for some time and distance I have returned to the silver Marches, as a man, to claim my BirthRight, as Klade leader of the Grey Wolves, by the trials laid out by the spirits and Uthgar.” He stands, empties his wineskin, then crouches and continues: “however, what has become of my people I do not know,I seek to find out more as some are worshipping Malar ( he spits); meeting cousin Thorn in the city has been fortuitous, but of the whereabouts of my folk I have little knowledge and the spirits are silent ( his wolf whimpers) ;in times past the Blue Bear Clan had been ursurped by Great Evil,and have taken the worship of Malar to heart ( he spits again) we have clashed with some of The Blue Bear Clans members hereabouts. It is to this that I cling: Seek more of the demonkin BlueBears, in order to find out more of The Grey Wolves, to assertain the challenges ahead which the spirits will guide me to my rightful heritage, or to lay to rest the tribe I once called kin. Striking rashly into the wild I know is not the way, Ghost Wolf and my father have taught me so.” ” I need to form a Pack, to hunt down the defilers of my ancestry, to bathe to the blood of my enemies, to hear the lamentations of their woman and to revel in the bounties of the flesh and the spirit. These are my homelands, The Great Spine of the World and the Silver Marches at its feet, I have returned, and it is here I will protect as best i can.

Kladeson Jet

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