The Turbulent North

Game Log 16

Last session:

Day 26 – Month of Hammer (Deepwinter) – In the Moonwood

Weather Cold no snow, ranges between high of 3 c and low of -1 c, winds are light


  1. Defeated Gnolls and Minions at Farmhouse
  2. Heard . . something . . . in the forest

Present Notes NPC’s Role
Ben Delat
Kladeson Jet

Overview of session (DM narrative)

. . The fight raged on, homicidal gnolls charging into the fray backed by gigantic Dire Wolves, all the time the Hyenas harrying the party.

The flames continued to lick at the barn and a hellish light began to show through the doorway as the stored hay caught alight . .

Jet, surrounded by foes, held the centre as his enemies vainly tried to take him down. Thorn battled heroically against the leader while the Gnoll shaman cast spell after spell at him attempting to bring him down also.

Ben laid down fire at the enemy while maintaining impassable areas and flaying the skin from unwary minions with his storm powers while Oryeh seemed to be assisting everyone at once, his sword darting in and slicing at the foes when they least expected it.

Underpinning these efforts were the healing abilities of Sturm as he boldly strode through the enemy to administer the healing power of his God where needed.

Although arriving late to the battle Talis tipped the balance as the recuperative powers of the party proved too much for their fanatic opponents.

One by one the Gnolls dropped, none showing fear, none retreating . . . at least not until the chest quiveringly loud howl from the treeline. This howl made those of the Dire Wolves seem akin to the whimpering of a kicked puppy.

At the new signal the few remaining Gnolls broke for freedom. Only two made it.

As the party surveyed the battlefield they found a the bodies of a dozen strongly muscled hyenas, three dire wolves and almost twenty of the seven foot tall Gnolls. At the end only one Gnoll allowed himself to be taken prisoner. The dead gnolls included both the shaman and the leader who had fought on in his battle frenzy far past the time when any normal creature would have been unable to continue.


XP = 550 for all except Talis for battle with Gnolls. Talis gets 450 xp

XP = 250 each for Tactics, backup and generally having fun !!


Great summary,so much fun. Hooray for XPs, level 5 hopefully.

Game Log 16


Game Log 16
Deeconz Deeconz

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