The Turbulent North

Game Log 15

The wolf who cried . .wolf ?

Last session:

Day 12 – 13. Month of Hammer (Deepwinter) – North of Silverymoon

Temperature between high of 7 c and low of 0 c, winds are light


Preparation and fight with Gnolls

As the sun rose and the Fielder family set about their normal morning breakfast the Gnollish troops streamed from the nearby woods the party had time only to react. Enemy forces were made up of 10 Gnolls bearing lit torches, 3 Longbow wielding Gnolls, 15-20 hyenas and 3 Dire Wolves being directed by a priest and a leader armed only with extended fist claws.

The enemy opened the attack with a flight of fire arrows at the wooden barn, the party quickly made a withdrawal to the ground floor of the barn, mainly by jumping from the hayloft, on the way the rope barriers holding the cows were released. As the hyenas streaked with lighting speed towards the farmhouse a horse sized Dire wolf threw itself at the barn doors, smashing them to splinters while emitting a bone shilling howl of triumph. This, needless to say, started a stampede in the barn as the cattle made a frenzied attempt to get away from the flames and the Dire Wolf. Thorn narrowly escaped serious injury as the ungrateful cattle smashed him to the floor of the barn in their maddened retreat

As the cattle bolted Ben managed to call a warning to the Fielder family through the rear cottage shutters, giving them just enough time to bar their solid front door before a Dire Wolf smashed into it with the force of a battering ram, luckily the door held.

The third dire wolf had charged between the barn and the homestead while the hyenas streamed around to the rear of the barn

(More to come)

Battle for Goodman Fielders Farm

Present Notes NPC’s Role
Ben Delat
Kladeson Jet
Talis Absent


Ha ha! You are King of Maps! Great game.

Game Log 15

F…! this is amazing!

Game Log 15

Cool We better start thinking how we are going to stop the house catching fire from the barn after the fight… Assuming we survive, that is

Game Log 15

Hehe, Back in Turkey sometimes religious people would do a special ritual for rain :D, I’ll have a look ehehe.

Game Log 15

Great write up and prep. Chur.

Game Log 15

The haybarn is already lost, it will go up like a barn full of hay. We just have to hope that the solid stone house will hold. As for the fight, we should be OK, there’s nothing attacking as dangerous as us, just lots of them. So as long as we stay in a tight knot and use all our healing to the max we should wear them down.

Game Log 15
Deeconz Deeconz

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