The Turbulent North

Game Log 14

Time spent in town.

  1. Talking to Lord Serdral revealed that somehow Damiar had escaped from the cells of the Agent Legion. No-one knows how he got out.
  2. Lots of selling of goods and looking at what to purchase.
  3. Discussion with Toms uncle regarding both silvering weapons and mounting teh white dragons skull as a drinking vessel
  4. Nothing further had been found out from interrogation of Seria and Almros Hammerhand
  5. Many rumours abound, some true, some not.
  6. Lord Serdral Confirmed that some wolf attacks had been made on farms to the north of Silverymoon. These were unusual as they were relatively close to the city and seemed to prefer killing the farmers rather than livestock. While the frequency was not high enough attacks was not high enough had occurred to make the farming communities nervous and to fuel the rumour mill. Serdral requested that the Bonehunters stay with one farm as defense for a ride (tenday) which the Company of the Grey Fist stayed at another. Both farms selected were community leaders in their areas and were situated centrally to a number of other small holdings. The Bonehunters assignment was to protect Goodman fielders family and farm and to assist with any other local incursions.

Upon arriving at Goodman Fielders the party found that wold tracks had been found in the snow within the past few days, a small melt had prevented any chance of back tracking the pack to it’s source.

The party settled into the top floor of the barn for the night, and while Talis was out for his morning worship, movement was seen in the wood line. Expecting a pack of wolves the Bonehunters were stunned to see a large contingent of Gnolls, a pack of hyenas and several huge Dire Wolves heading towards the farm . . . . . .

Goodman Fielders Farm

Goodman fielders farm


Hey Dave, Are you sure they are coming from the top? I thought we saw them from peekhole of the Barn gate?

Game Log 14

Bagges the dunny for hiding in!, also imagine the flowers will not survive…unless we ensure they don’t head east. I’m so torn!!!

Game Log 14

Heheh yea forgot to say, the map is so cool cheers :D

Game Log 14

That map is amazing! What are cow’s names?

Game Log 14
Deeconz Deeconz

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