The Turbulent North

Game Log 10

Instant Trap, just add Water!

Going Deep, The Bonehunters delve into the icy dank depths of the Elven fortress, again… Looking like some sort of rear siege bulkhead, many of the rooms have remains of ancient foodstuffs and storage, all are irreparably water and age damaged. Nearing an unusual Steel Door, at the end of a corridor beyond a kitchen and cloakroom, and after determining vague Eldritch Enchantments; Jet, through Herculean Bend Bars and Break Doors roll ( thanks to 18/00 str)!wrenches the door open towards him. Immediately the flooded chambers empty, the corridor is turned into a water flume, with most of the heroes knocked off their feet and sped down the water chase towards Jet and the Steel Door ( now firmly open). Spectral assailants coalesce, vaguely Elven-like and from Beyond the Grave.

Strong and Brave Talis forms a bulkhead and proceeds to blast and smite with the sort of wrath only Assimar paladins are capable of…Ben, though swept along like the others, manages to fumble out his daggers and lightening bolt some of the Spectres/Ghosts/Wraiths..jet has wedged himself above the flow, and briefly holds the door position as his comrades are swept through into the darkness. Ben teleports to his side briefly, and Jet is ineffectual at lashing out with a boot into the head of a Spectre. Thorn attempts a grapple, only to be pulled away by the flood waters, his Holy sword sinking its extinguished light into the gloom. Sturm and Oryeh are lucky to hold their heads above water, whilst Talis, left behind, strikes out once more defeating another statically charged wraith before diving into the flow to join his soggy team. After some dark drowning and choking, the party finds themselves in a naturally formed cavern, draining the last of the water, whose flow has been sealed again by the closure of the Steel door.

Sturm summons hundreds of nature spirits to set up camp with a blazing camp fire, as the party huddles around to dry and warm up, it is evident the nature of the entrance back to the Elven Outpost is superbly disguised; scratching a chalk outline roughly where the door may be, the party realises the futility of being able to return that way again…And more than likely having to contend with the floodwaters and Spectre Guardians.

Trapped, in the darkness underground, and after recuperating around the campsite, it is evident nothing alive that leaves tracks has been this way for 1000 years, the boot falls of Elven soldiers head one way up the length of the wide cavern, and the group decides to follow in the same direction, assuming the other direction to be pointless..

Understanding the irony of following the doomed footsteps of the ancient elvenfolk, the Bonehunters are nonetheless confident of their teamwork, having somewhat perfected their DoorLore, their Investigative Ruminating and their ability to soak up damage like a sponge; Jet however wishes he had studied his Aberrant forms of anti-nature a tad more, and may need to exercise some Dungeoneering in the near future.

That Faerun is riddled with chasms of the Underdark is both uplifting and terrifying, especially since evidence of recent passage is 1000 years old, we may have found ourselves in a culdesac, cut off by the same forces that damaged the lower levels…


Deeconz Deeconz

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