The Turbulent North

Game Log 02

First Session: - A fight? How surprising

Last session:

Day 1 – Month of Hammer (Deepwinter) – In the Moonwood

Moving through the Moonwood in light snow and ice, temperatures for 3 days have ranged from a high or 4 degrees to a low of -3 degrees©

Present Notes NPC’s Role
Ben Delat Rayvan Scout
Kladeson Jet
Talis Run by DM


  1. Party introduction, history and physical description
  2. Found and killed bandits in Moonwood hideaway

Overview of session (DM narrative)

Rayvan the dark skinned dwarf had bought news of the location of a group of bandits who were holed up in the Moonwood, this was the same group which had killed the Holsten family en route to High Hold, brutalising the young ones after murdering the parents.

Rayvan thought, but was not certain, that they were also behind at least two other brutal highway killings of passing travelers. Unfortunately Rayvans patron had a prior call on his time so he was unable to come to the Moonwood with you. He did give comprehensive directions and bade you all “Good Hunting”.

You moved carefully through the woods amidst the snow and ice of mid-winter stopping only when you came into range of the clearing and disused cabins Rayvann had described.

A smoke plume was coming from one of the cabins, the other had partially collapsed due to age and neglect. Clear paths in the snow made a direct line from the occupied cabin to the woods, while a lesser path trod between the two cabins.

Ben, as the quietest of the group offered to watch for movement and routine at the cabin while the rest of the party prepared.

The bandits were a group of brutal killers who preyed on the weak and helpless, Talis, Paladin of Helm, had a particular hatred of this type of predator, the glint in his eye promised no mercy should the bandits elect to fight. Jet and Thorn quietly prepared for the fight they were sure would ensue while Oryeh was looking over the terrain for any tactical advantage which might be gained.

Ben returned after a couple of hours with the news that there had been no movement, there were sounds from the cabin and cooking smells, no movement in or out.

The group started to move across the clearing on the cabins blind side, towards the side door. Some noise must have reached the cabin as the sounds inside were suddenly silenced.

The party made a run for the door, Thorn and Oryeh gave it a mighty kick, unfortunately the door was sturdier than it looks and the end result was only a mighty BOOM as the door reverberated to their assault.

A second attempt was made by trying the latch which fortuitously was unlocked. A swing from a greataxe greeted them from within as the five bandits moved to repel the invaders.

There ensued a short but extremely violent interlude. .....

. . a short time later, amidst the now lifeless bodies of the bandits the party rested and healed their cuts and wounds. A search of the small cabin revealed what seemed to be their personal possessions, Clothes, weapons, food, a small amount of coin, playing cards etc :

Treasure Total Value (gp) Notes
Leather Armour (3) 36 gp
Leather Armour (2) 0 Unusable
Greataxe (5) 65 gp
Throwing Axe (5)
Longbow (2) 30 gp
Arrows (120) 4 gp
Potion Healing (3) 150 gp
Gold Moons (57) 114 gp
Silver Crescents (275) 27.5 gp
Copper Disc (517) 5.17 gp
In a scroll case under the table was a trail map showing the main trade routes within the Silver Marches and a scrap of paper with some scrawled words upon it:
Crumpled Note:
  • Nightal 3 – Sm Fam – all dead
  • Nightal 14 – Trader – not much on board, burned wagon
  • Nightal 18 – Good day, 3 marks, good take, no survivirs
  • Nightal 20 – Other Trail, 2 wagoons (Famly?) – Nice goods
  • Nightal 29 – Fam, Sm girls, Hedron had some fun for a bit, damn boy got away
  • Hammer 5 – P due, split and payment%

Another note was found at the bottom of a pack together with most of the coinage.

“Your instructions have not changed. I need you to cause the most disruption to the trade routes possible, I do not care how you do it. Keep what you take, your reward will be on top of it. I will be in contact a during the first ride of Hammer. You will recieve payment then if the job is satisfactory. Do not let me down, no survivors, no evidence. You know what happened to Jarl!”

A further search of the derelict cabin revealed the takings of a number of raids

Treasure Value Notes
Pots and Pans (High Quality) 10 gp
Bolts of Cloth (10) 650 gp Fine cloth but damp from exposure to outdoors
Longbow 15 gp
Steel Gin Traps (10) 10 gp
Household clothing (varied) 5 gp

XP = 175 each

Next Session:

Next session will pick up at the old cabin in the clearing where the party will need to decide what to do with the information they have found.


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