The Turbulent North

Game Log 9, Easter Delve

Welcome Erinc/Sturm, apologies Rob/Talis; simple quick great segue with Helm ( mutual god). Talis goes on guard above, trustworthy Cleric of Helm Sturm joins the crew.Surf smashed up bookcase into depths…ends in splash? Spiral down stairs about 80’ or so ( possibly 3-4 dungeon levels!). Flooded and water damaged chambers await, very cold, murky water almost freezing and about 4’ deep.

Brave Thorn throws food to the spectral seagulls, Brave Ben lightening bolts water, Brave Thorn plunges glowing sunblade into murky ice quagmire and proceeds to wade into room, Brave Jet follows, Brave everyone else stays warm and dry. Brave Azure Jelly freezes, grabs, immobilises poor Thorn! Melee ensues, everyone gets wet and cold, monsters and allies miss alot, things look grim, then things seem alright, Thorn quite frankly kicks some jelly ass; Sturm misses except for handy healing, Oryeh inspires, Jet tugboats a little, Ben zaps and deafens… Level 7 elite brute ( pretending to be a solo lurker). As usual a very lucky fight as the creature didn’t get to cascade minor attacks on immobilised foes, due to missing and our parties granting of saving throws.

Its cold, we bug out after Jet sets off the trap he knew about, more greek fire ( beware greek doors bearing gifts)... medium rest above in front of fireplaces. Averse to cold and wet adventuring conditions the party continues to explore the barrack layers.

DANGER! says door in elvish script, zaps party with ancient arcane ( 2nd ed trap) legerdemain, Jet takes it twice, looks appropriately bewildered and needs a little sit down. Ben, the Emancipated Slave and party sparky rewires the door ( which says Danger!). In we go, big room, classic gladitorial training room, confidence course, grim whirly wooden kung fu dolls, things to hurl and jump, and a magic carved silver and stone circle with an elven maiden trapped within. Oh no shes not! Shes the Devil in disguise, oh yes she is! Great questioning continues, bluffs and linguistic feints are conspired, bone devil seems pretty happy to stay another 1000 years so off we pop…

Three more boring elvish meditation chambers, a great double steel door of the house of Everclear ( Elven Acne apothecaries). Looks like the complex was all sent off to protect the demonic sacking of Myth Drannor stairs lead down 20’ ( 1 dungeon level!) to more Crested doors of Everclear…

1 milestone met, 1 x Azure Jelly, 1x Bone Devil ( left in situ) Lots of info, feel free to add or modify. Excellent late session for Good Friday, yay!


Deeconz Deeconz

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