The Turbulent North

game log 07

Grey Fist Rendezvous

Last session:

Day 12 – 13. Month of Hammer (Deepwinter) – In Moonwood

Weather Cold with light , temperature between high of 7 c and low of 0 c, winds are light


  1. Traveled and caught up with Grey Fist
  2. Found the Grey Fist had a hard fight, a Blue Bear Uthgardt Barbarian was also present at their battle.
  3. Information: Grey fist rescued an elven women
  4. Left prisoners with Grey Fist to transport back to Silverymoon in order that the bandit hideout could be fully explored
  5. While moving back to bandit lair attacked by Animated carnivorous vines

Present Notes NPC’s Role
Ben Delat Seria Mercenary prisoner
Kladeson Jet Almros Hammerhand Mercenary Prisoner
Oryeh Grey Fist

The group travels via agreed backtrack to rendezvous point, then on to meet grey fist at a hollowed out natural cavern, question a resqued elf maiden, hand over prisoners, then travel back to Elven City Ruins, encountering Horrid Vines. A fierce battle between the Forces of Nature ( Mielekki and the Primal Spirits) and the Forces of nature ( carnivorous man eating plants)ensues. The group arrives ready to explore the complex.


XP = 125 for Fight (Awarded at table)


Deeconz Deeconz

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