The Turbulent North

Game Log 06

Battle in the Ruin

Last session:

Day 11 – Month of Hammer (Deepwinter) – In Moonwood

Weather Cold with light to medium snow, temperature between high of 4 c and low of -3 c, winds are light


  1. Defeated mercenary bandits
  2. Searched front part of hideout
  3. Questioned prisoners
  4. Decided to move to rendezvous with Grey Fist

Present Notes NPC’s Role
Ben Delat Seria Mercenary prisoner
Kladeson Jet Almros Hammerhand Mercenary Prisoner

Overview of session (DM narrative)

The battle was fierce and brutal, the lesser skilled minions of the bandits fell first in quick sucession as the parties furious assault began to have an impact. The bandit leader was a whirlwind of activity dancing in, inflicting wounds and dancing out again before serious harm could come to him all the while backing the party into the solid wall of the plate armoured dwarfs defense.

A huge blow struck down the Blue Bear berzerker and crumpled the middle of the enemy line while they tried to pierce the strong centre defense provided by Thorn, Talis and Jet,

There was a reversal of fates and tragedy seemed in the offing when an expertly placed stroke by the bandit leader struck down Jet giving the bandits renewed heart. Their confidence was to be shortlived as the grinning lurker with the poisoned blade went down quickly followed by the bandit leader himself as he misjudged and failed to get out of the way of a mighty sword stoke. Talis channeled the healing power of Helm and raised Jet back to his feet ready to pursue the battle with renewed vigor.

The dwarf saw the futility of continuing an unwinnable fight and ordered the remaining female bowyer to lay down her bow.

After tying up the two prisoners and taking a short rest the party debated what to do.

Questioning of the two prisoners revealed that they were the remnants of the Red flag mercenary company out of Waterdeep. Their leader, Gaunt, had made a taken of bad contracts and the company had fallen on hard times. Gaunt took the job of keeping the roads clear of all travellers for money. Unfortunately Almros Hammerhand and Seria did not know how Gaunt got his orders or who from. All they could say was that they were told to take elven prisoners whenever possible and hold them for the paymaster (Damiar) to take away

Almros seemed sanguine about his fate, he had a “Win some, lose some” attitude and saw what he had done as a mercenaries lot. Regardless of morality, he had done the job contracted to the best of his ability and had failed. He knows what fate awaits him and Seria when they get back to Silverymoon but seems to accept that as his lot. Seria is more silent and sullen about the outcome.

The only other interesting piece of information received was that the Red Flags had been told specifically where to dig to find the door of a complex which had been burioed for hundreds of years. An ancient elven complex whihc seemed contemporary with the architecture of long deperted Netheril. Only Gaunt knew who told them to go there and he was no longer able to tell anyone the details.

The party decided to

  1. Take an overnight rest
  2. Leave with the prisoners early and meet up with the Company of the Grey Fist, either at the rendezvous or at the other bandit lair.
  3. Come back and explore the complex at a later date, on the basis that it seemed important to someone and they want to find out what was important and to who.

Treasure Estimated Total Value (gp) Notes
Chainmail Armor +2 360gp Oryeh
Surefoot Boots 1000gp Oryeh
Slow-Step Oil 30gp Oryeh
Augmenting Whetstone 75gp Thorn
Antivenom 20gp Thorn
Tanglefoot Bag 25gp Ben
Alchemist Fire 20gp Ben
Alchemist Fire 20gp Talis
Alchemist Fire 20gp Nathian
Antivenom 20gp Nathian
Antivenom 20gp Kladeson Jet
Safewing Amulet 680gp Kladeson Jet
Hunters Flint 520gp Bag of Holding
Everlasting Provisions 840gp Bag of Holding
Everburning Torch x 20 50gp Bag of Holding
Journeybreads x 50 50gp 8 each
Oil x 23 Bag of Holding
Lantern x 3 Bag of Holding
Fine Clothing x 6 220gp Bag of Holding
Candle x 20 Bag of Holding
Bottle of Wine x 10 50gp Bag of Holding
Scroll of Animal Messenger Bag of Holding
Scroll of Make Whole x 2 Bag of Holding
Scroll of Silence Bag of Holding
Scroll of Water Walk Bag of Holding
Scroll of Enchant magic Item Bag of Holding
Scroll of Thunderstone Bag of Holding
Scroll of Salve of Slipperiness Bag of Holding
Scroll of Sovereign Glue Bag of Holding
Rare Herbs (Nature) x 41 Bag of Holding
Sanctified Incense x 35 Bag of Holding
Alchemical Reagents x 100 Bag of Holding
Sunrod x 10 4gp Bag of Holding
Longsword +1 360gp Bag of Holding
Shortsword +1 360gp Bag of Holding
Orb +1 360 gp Bag of Holding
Leather Armor +1 360gp Bag of Holding
Plate Armor +1 360gp Bag of Holding


XP = 250 for Fight (Awarded at table) XP = 200 for table play

Next Session:

  1. Catch up with Grey Fist
  2. Return prisoners to Silverymoon


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