The Turbulent North

Game Log 05

Back to the wild . . .

Last session:

Day 8 – Day 11 – Month of Hammer (Deepwinter) – In Silverymoon and the Moonwood

Weather Cold with light to medium snow, temperature between high of 4 c and low of -3 c, winds are light


  1. Got Tom to Uncle Galen
  2. Met Lord Sedral
  3. Turned over Prisoner (Damiar)
  4. Met Grey Fist Adventuring Company
  5. Moved onto Bandit hideout
  6. Commenced assault on bandits

Present Notes NPC’s Role
Ben Delat Tom Rescued Boy
Kladeson Jet Damiar Bandit Paymaster
Oryeh Lord Serdral 2nd in command – Silver Wardens
Thorn Reldar Leader of Grey Fists
Talis Knuck Grey Fist Halfling Ranger
Nathian Selina Grey Fist Human Shaman
Karadin Trollbane Grey Fist Half Ogre Barbarian
Bolt Grey Fist Human Fighter
Halis Grey Fist Human Sorcerer
Bandar Grey Fist Dward Cleric

Overview of session (DM narrative)

Passing Tom onto his uncle was easy, there were no survivors from the bandits which attacked his families caravan and none in Silverymoon saw anything odd about the party arriving back in town. Toms uncle was heartbroken at the death of his brother and family, but happy to see that at least Tom had survived. He was extremely grateful to the party for rescuing Tom and for avenging the family.

Enquiries were made and Ben and Talis struck a good deal for the bulk sale of the goods they had taken from the bandits. Tom was given a full share to help him to set up and adjust to his new life with his uncle.

Talis provided some discounted healing potions which he obtained from his orders chapterhouse at the Temple of Helm and in a quick look around the market Ben struck a bargain price on a bag of holding. Everyone was in agreement that Talis was the best (and most trustworthy) person to entrust this expensive purchase with.

Taking Damiar to Lord Sedral involved a trip to the barracks and dungeon of the Knights in Silver.

Damiar was duly taken to the dungeon under high security and the party taken to meet with Lord Sedral in the Knights in Silvers war room. The room was spacous with a full wall devoted to a map of Silverymoons surroundings.

Lord Sedral was a large weather beaten man who looked out of place in the expensive silks he was wearing. His approach was brisk and to the point.

“Congratulations on getting a prisoner and taking out those bandits. You were lucky the weather was so good, that helped you, but nevertheless you are the only ones who have made any progress.

The Bandits police their raids very well, Bodies maimed or burned, all evidence of the attackers taken. Usually the raids take place just before a snowfall so tracing them back has been difficult. You may have provided us with our first lead back to whoever is coordinating these attacks.

We are short on men and I understand that you would like a crack at one the remaining bandit hideouts shown on the map you found. I’m happy to send you, but you’ll need some form of official recognition or others might see you as little more than vigilantes or bandits yourselves. I’d recommend taking a charter as a registered adventuring company, the usual tax benefits will apply, you’ll be bound to the protection of Silverymoon, but you will have my personal seal on the paperwork granting you official sanction for this job. What do you say ?”

After the group agreed Lord Sedral gave them their bounty (600gp) and commanded them to come back in the morning for further instructions before departing.

The group spent the night celebrating their fortune with drinks at the Inn of the Wayward Sages before turning in for the night

In the morning the party met Lord Sedral at the spartan headquarters of the Silver Wardens, Lord Sedral looked far more at home in round hide armour with a well worn longsword at his side.

“Interrogation of the prisoner gave not much more information, There are only two options you will be in time to tackle for the bandit hideouts. I’m sending the Company of the Grey Fist with you, another adventuring company. How you do it is up to you but I want those bandits stopped. The prisoner has not yet given details of what you might face but you can’t delay if you are going to get them.”

The Company of the Grey Fist arrived and Lord Sedral dismissed both groups after providing them with maps of the areas they were going to. (Maps detailed enough to add +2 on navigation checks)

The party traveled with the Grey Fist for a day and a half, during that time, conversations with Reldar (the head of the Grey Fist) revealed:

  1. Most raids were against unprotected single families or merchants with only a couple of guards
  2. two much larger raids took place, one took out a wagon train with twenty wagons and around a hundred merchants and guards
  3. invariably the bodies were either burned or had their eyes and tongues removed, probably in a (successful) effort to thwart necromantic questioning.
  4. despite the best efforts of the Silver Wardens no evidence of who has been making the attacks has been found
  5. Tom is the only known survivor of any of the attacks
  6. One oddity was that over some of the raids some elven bodies were missing, some elven dead were left behind, but enough elves have been unaccounted for to raise questions.

The groups planned their method of attack and decided simultaneous attacks on both camps would be best the Grey Fist to take one and the party to take the other. Before they parted Jet and the Halfling ranger Knuck pored over the maps and decided on a prominent landmark for everyone to rendezvous at in five days time. They then each headed on their separate ways.

Traveling through the night the group found themselves traveling through what seemed top have been built up area, abandoned for some reason at least several hundred years ago judging by the size of the trees and vegetation growing in and around ancient ruins.

Moving steadily up hill in the lightly falling snow they came across an old overgrown road, it turned out that this lead to an entrance in the hill, the bandit lair.

As the group got there the sound of a hunting horn rang out form the woods behind them, alerting whoever was inside the hill. A quick decision was made and the bold adventurers charged through the door, down a short corridor and emerged into a large well lit room, the bandits were waiting and attacked immediately.

A plate clad dwarf formed the centre point of the bandit line with at least another 10 bandits charging into the fray, swords flashed, arrows flew and spells erupted through the room.

The outcome eventual outcome was by no means clear . . . .


XP = 320 for all

Next Session:

  1. Defeat Bandits
  2. Attempt to gather information and leads


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