The Turbulent North

Game Log 04

Victory !

Last session:

Day 5 – Day 8 – Month of Hammer (Deepwinter) – In the Moonwood

Weather Cold with light snow, ranges between high of 5 c and low of -4 c, winds are light


  1. Defeated Bandits at abandoned derelict cabin
  2. Met Nathian
  3. Captured Damiar
  4. Headed back to Silverymoon with prisoner

Present Notes NPC’s Role
Ben Delat Tom Rescued Boy
Kladeson Jet Damiar Bandit Paymaster

Overview of session (DM narrative)

. . the remainder of the fight was brutal and hard, the party trying to get around the area effect spells of the bandit leader while his bodyguards inflicted telling hit after hit. Luckily in this battle of attrition the superior healing abilities and support capabilities of the Paladins and Warden together with the timely intervention of the stranger Nathian turning the tide.

The first to die was the quicksilver half elf, felled by lightning arcing from Ben’s Daggers, next was the hulking brute of a barbarian. The matched bodyguards with longspears gave a good accounting of themselves but they too fell under the combined swords and spells of the party.

As the last of his bodyguards dropped the bandit leader yielded with a wry smirk on his face, he knew he could not get away.

Looking over the bodies revealed little, the barbarian was Blue Bear but none of the others carried identifying marks, items or papers. The leader had a pouch which was taken by Nathian on the basis that he had been commissioned by Lord Serdral to track down these bandits and return with their stolen gold.

Nathian turned over two good sized rubies to Oryeh for safekeeping and also revealed the map which the leader had been using, it had five other bandit camps marked on it.

abandoned cabin

Questioning of the prisoner at this stage revealed nothing except for the fact that he was not worried about being captured, seemingly confident of rescue or reprieve. Possbily through the imminent arrival of reinforcements.

A short period of organisation at the cabin saw the party head out again with prisoner in tow. Tom (now armed) accompanying them.

What gear could be carried was and the party headed back to Silverymoon. Along the way questioning of the prisoner revealed:

  • The name of the prisoner was Damiar
  • The prisoner seemed not too worried about his capture, despite the rough handling he had received and the likely death sentence awaiting him in Silverymoon
  • Damiar and his crew were paying off six bandit groups
  • The bandits instructions were to disperse if Damiar was more thn 24 hours late with their payment.
  • He does not know who he is working for but suspects:
    • High level magic use
    • Inside contacts high up in Silverymoon
    • Some bandit groups getting advance (and detailed) information about time and content of valuable caravans
    • There are more groups like his, paying off other smaller groups of independent bandits.


XP = 250 for all except Nathian for battle with bandits

XP = 150 for Nathian for battle with Bandits

XP = 250 each for successful questioning and decision making

Between Sessions:

Treasure selling and split:

Below are estimates on value, please advise what you will try and sell together with who will do the selling, I’ll make rolls and adjust prices accordingly. If selling on black market a Streetwise roll is needed, if selling in Markets or to Merchants a Diplomacy Roll will be required.

Treasure Estimated Total Value (gp) Notes
Rubies 850 gp
Bolts of Cloth (10) 650 gp Fine cloth but damp from exposure to outdoors
Plate Armour (1) ? Bandit Group 2
Trade Bars (14) 1,600 gp Damiar
Map ??? Damiar
Gold Moons (57) 114 gp Bandit Group 1
Silver Crescents (275) 27.5 gp Bandit Group 1
Copper Disc (517) 5.17 gp Bandit Group 1
Gold Moons (109) 218 gp Bandit Group 2
Silver Crescents (178) 17.8 gp Bandit Group 2
Copper Disc (225) 2.25 gp Bandit Group 2
Potion Healing (3) 150 gp Bandit Group 1

Treasure left at Cabin:

Treasure Total Value (gp) Notes
Pots and Pans (High Quality) 10 gp
Steel Gin Traps (10) 10 gp
Household clothing (varied) 5 gp
Leather Armour (3) 36 gp Bandit Group 1
Greataxe (5) 65 gp Bandit Group 1
Throwing Axe (6) ? Bandit Group 1
Longbow (3) 45 gp Bandit Group 1
Arrows (120) 4 gp Bandit Group 1
Leather Armour (3) 36 gp Bandit Group 2
Chain Armour (1) ? Bandit Group 2
Greataxe 30 gp Bandit Group 2
Longsword (1) ? Bandit Group 2
Dagger (6) ? Bandit Group 2
Mace (1) ? Bandit Group 2
Longspear (2) 30 gp Bandit Group 2
Throwing Axe (4) 20 gp Bandit Group 2
Crossbow (2) 20 gp Bandit Group 2
Bolts (60) 1 gp Bandit Group 2

Next Session:

You have a number of options

  1. Talk to Lord Serdral
  2. Take out remaining bandit camps (you can make two of them before their dispersal dates)
  3. Try and find out how Damiars funds were being distributed

Please discuss on boards – I’ll prepare accordingly


Just a quick note: it was 1600gp in trade bars from Damier.

Game Log 04

Ahh – thanks, My writing was so bad I misread – will adjust

Game Log 04
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