The Turbulent North

Character Creation Session

Who's in the Game?

Thursday and Friday evenings saw the pre match admin get underway with two characters each being created using the D&D Insider character creation tool.

This was followed by a creation of barebones character history, regionality, ethnicity, languages etc for each of the created characters.

This resulted in:

Name Race Class Player
Oryeh Half-drow Warlord Reimo
Nebin Ghostwise Halfling Bard Reimo
Ben Delat Half-Elf Sorcerer ljkelly
??? ??? ??? ljkelly
Kladeson Jet Longtooth Shifter Warden samuriabroadsword
??? ??? ??? samuriabroadsword
Thorn Longtooth Shifter Paladin thegingerninja
??? ??? ??? thegingerninja
Talis Aasimar Paladin Garamondthree
??? ??? ??? Garamondthree

Your friendly local DM will be fleshing out the backgrounds so that your primary and backup characters have a full history of travel, career, family, enemies, friends, mentors etc up until the time the adventure commences. Primary characters will be available by first session, secondary characters will follow.

Steve still to get sorted and we need s couple more players !

Happy adventuring all!!


Deeconz Deeconz

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