The Turbulent North

Dreams Dreams

Log posted Incomplete as Game cancelled part way through preparation.

Overview of session (and out of game leadup) (DM narrative)

The Bonehunters returned victorious from the destruction of Castle Serastis with released prisoners in tow. After attempting to scry for presence of Bjaarn without success, Ben declared him dead and the party raised a silent glass to his passing.

Oryeh has been draftyed into the Argen Legion. On the basis of his past military experience he has been made a captain in the Argent legion heading a company of 200. Sturm has been seconded by the Church of Helm to Methrammar Aerasumes personal retinue as a healer these appointments took place immediately. They will be sorely missed. The Church of Help have an ancient Staff – The Staff of Life to the Bonehunters as a poor substitute for the skills of Sturm.

The Bonehunters then spent eleven days in Silvery moon following up contacts, merchants, guild members and the church , you obtained rumours and information relating to

* A highly placed mole/spy in Silverymoon, possibly at council level.
* Adventurers and mercenaries of good repute are being recruited to bolster defences for the expected Orc Horde massing the mountains .
* The earliest the Orcs could be expected to reach Silverymoon is four weeks.

When Jet advised Jannesson Torg of his intention to challenge for Leadership of the Grey Wolf Clan, Torg was proud of him and in his gruff manner presented him with two items of import to the clan. One was the Tribal Headdress worn by Jets Father, The Hood of the Wolf. The other Torgs personal Wold Totem, a totemic belt. Torg also advised that he would be able to raise a few loyal clan members to assist when the time to challenge was right.

Ben attempted to track down Arznezra by scrying but it appears that she is either not within a 50 mile radius of Silverymoon or is protected from scrying on some way.

The party worked through a number of Factors from Trading Costers to gain the items listed below.

Short Version as there won’t be any more updates

Chit Chat, Damakos gave information to Party, Party woke up from vivid dream directing them to get ready and go. Went outside and were moved from inside the Sythal of Silverymoon to a Glade in the Monwood


You arrive in a forest Glade – surrounded by ancient megalithic structures, huge ancient stone pillars – it looks to normally be a peaceful place but when you arrive it is to find a scene of much devastation. There has been a battle here – a recent one.
Scattered around the forest glade lay many dead forest creatures Bears, Large Cats, wolverines, there a huge Buck and over there a great white ape – ripped and mauled horribly. Among them you see more than a dozen Gnoll, Orc and man corpses and near one of the stone Megaliths you see the huge body of one of the Wolven.
Near the body, lying with his back propped against the stone sits a man – seemingly impervious to the snow which drifts around him. He is adorned in a simple robe which covers ornate hide armour, richly engraved with scenes of the forest, at his waist a simple rope holds a bag, near his right hand a Short spear, you can see a great deal of blood around him – he appears in pain and as you get closer you can see that his left leg has been ripped off from the knee down although the bleeding has stopped. He beckons you over
“Thank you for coming so quickly. I am sure you wonder why I asked for you so rudely. . .unfortunately I was . . . .unable to come and talk to you myself. I am Rolor TayBert – the senior surviving Druid of the Moonwood. Please be seated I have something to tell you – something of vast importance to both yourselves and in fact to all.
You must forgive me if but I have to tell this story from the beginning and it may take some time . . .and time I something we do not have much of at this point. Our Enemy has several hours head start and needs stopping.
Two years ago our troubles began – We Druids are by nature a solitary group as are the Rangers of the Moonwood so it took us some time to realise that something was amiss – our comrades and friends were going missing, one by one. In the past six months it has become apparent that someone is trying to destroy us. We were few in number to begin with and now are very sorely reduced. I have been investigating who is behind this and had made a rather startling discovery; after my discovery I was found out and hunted down. As you can see there was a battle in which I only escaped death by feigning my death at the hands of this great beast – It was very close to not being faked.
Where to go? . . . .yes – I must start at the beginning. The troubles besetting the land of Luruar are not what they seem – an evil greater than any that you can imagine is trying to break free. A great disruption to the balance comes.
The Story starts many thousands of years ago – Little is remembered and much of this history has been forgotten, but not in the lore passed down among the Druids of this land. Unfortunately even we thought that the threat from ancient days was long past consideration or worry.
There is a place called Anauroch – a dead and desolate place, an Unnatural place. This was not always the case. This vast area was once a realm of beauty and vibrant, abundant life. It supported many species for untold millennia then . . . . . . . . in the blink of an eye it was all gone.
Perhaps the greatest and most powerful magical civilisation which ever lived on the face of Toril grew there – the Netherese – they founded the Land of Netheril and built a culture the like of which has not been seen since. A powerful culture with floating sky cities carved from mountains, magical defences which were a part of everyday life and Mythals abounding. Despite some . . .shall we say – Wholesale landscaping – they by and large lived at one with nature – Much of their need was generated magically – they cultivated no more crops than they needed and confined themselves mainly to their sky cities. Certainly they were a proud race and they probably meddled in things which were beyond them . . .but they did not despoil the land, they did not hunt creatures to extinction and they were in many ways a good influence on the area – The rabid Orc hordes were kept down, The Netherese loved beauty – including the beauty of the natural landscape which they could view with pleasure from high in the sky. It may have been selfish . . .but from my predecessors point of view it was a good thing.
Then it all changed. – the crops started dying, then the forests, small animals, then large – the very land itself seemed to be dying a slow and horrible death, over only a few short years the once verdant landscape was turning to a dry barren dustbowl.
It took some time for the Leaders of Netheril to realise that this was not a natural phenomenon – it was in fact an attack from a race of creatures so Evil, so Alien to our way of thinking that they though nothing of destroying the land and everything that lived upon it. This race were called the Phaerimm. They lived in Underground caverns and were powerful Magic users each and every one. They had discovered the Netherese living above them and perceived them as a threat – so they wove their great Death spells and the land died.
There ensued a fearful magical war which lasted for only a few short years – a war which the Netherese were losing. In a last ditch effort to stop the devastation the most powerful of the Netherese mages attempted the Greatest spell of all – he attempted to raise himself to Godhood – an attempt which very nearly succeeded – but with such a great spell – to only “nearly” succeed is not good enough – the backlash of the spell created massive devastation – it disrupted the weave of magic itself for a short time and erased in one foul swoop every existing magical effect on the face of Toril.
The Netherese Sky cities tumbled, effectively killing their entire civilisation in minutes, The Phaerimm Death spells were disrupted, Ancient Undead withered and died, magical items failed . . .all over the world were the effects felt.. Most histories finish there, thinking the Phaerimm and the Netherese had destroyed one another, but this was not the case. The Phaerimm had been harmed not at all by the above ground desolation.
Now that their attention had been drawn to the Entities living on the surface of Toril they knew a hatred which had no bounds, they would not rest until all threats to them had been destroyed – to them this meant the elimination of all life on the surface. They began again their mighty life leeching magic and again the land began to die. The Druids of the day knew despair – for they could not match the might of the Phaerimm. With the mages of Netheril destroyed there were none who could stand against them . . . .or so it was thought.
We come now to a part of the story which is known to only a handful still living . . . . and some of those disbelieve and think it legend. There WAS a third force which was capable of opposing the Phaerimm, one which they were unaware of. The Sharn.
The Sharn are an enigmatic race, entirely alien to our normal concepts of logic and with thought processes which defy the most agile of Human minds They had watched the “altercation” between the Phaerimm and the Netherese with interest. The Phaerimm are an entirely individual race – individual to the point of paranoia. No two Sharn will readily agree on anything and their internal politics are convoluted beyond anything we can imagine, debates can rage for centuries. They are very secretive and meddle seldom. For all this they are powerful – Very Powerful.
The thought of all life being wiped from the planet perturbed them and some it upset greatly – others wanted to see it go ahead for curiosities sake, but even they decided that a barren dust ball of a planet would not hold much interest for them in the long term. So they decided to act.
In a short span of time they joined in a great ritual and created a magical barrier, through which no Phaerimm could pass and live. Many Phaerimm tried – and died – their most powerful magics could not pierce this barrier and in time they gave up. Instead they desolated the area within the barrier – the area now known as the Anauroch Desert. This occurred some six thousand years ago. After creating the barrier the Sharn carried on their interminable convoluted political arguments among themselves and were heard of no more.
So . . . thank you for the history lesson you may say. Sadly, history has a way of coming back to haunt us. It now appears that at least one of the Phaerimm was OUTSIDE the bounds of the barrier when it was constructed. This Phaerimm has been searching in vain for millennia to find a way of releasing the others of its race, and may now have found a way to do so.
I tried to advise the council of the Silver Marches but they dismissed my worries as that of a senile old man – they had more immediate worries they said than to listen to the ramblings of an old man who had some wild tale of legendary magical creatures and who bought prophecies of Doom and destruction. Orcs they said, Trade they said, War they said . . . . . my most recent discoveries lead me to believe that all are connected – not in some metaphysical way, but directly and succinctly.
I know that you have seen and fought Gnolls, Daemonfey, the Arcane Brotherhood and Orcs. I believe that they have all been manipulated and manoeuvred into the current position by one force – a surviving Phaerimm. He has them all fooled into believing that they can wipe out Silverymoon with the aid of a certain artefact . . .yes . . .the gatekeepers Crystal.
They all think that they will live to despoil the Gem of the North – but I believe that it will not happen as they are all so willing to believe. The Daemonfey are driven by revenge and are easily lead, The Arcane brotherhood by Jealousy which makes them blind. The Orcs by Greed, the Gnolls are driven by Fear. None have a cool and reasoning head and all have been lead to the same belief.
When all of the pieces of the Crystal are gathered together they plan to Shatter the Mythal surrounding Silverymoon and claim the country for their own. This will never happen – Before it does the “Advisor” will claim the Crystal for itself. The major ability of the Crystal is to shatter boundaries. It is capable of shattering a Mythal and indeed has done so in the past, more importantly for us it is also capable of shattering the barrier surrounding Anauroch. Should THAT happen . . the Phaerimm will be free and I know of none who can stop them.
Many of the Elder Sharn have now “Ascended” – moved on to other planes of existence – only a few of the younger and less powerful exist so even they would not be able to recage the Phaerimm should they escape. The plan must be thwarted before they are freed!
I know where one of the pieces of the gatekeepers’ crystal is. One of the factions involved has another piece and the other – at this point is still lost. One of the pieces is in the realms of Turlang the Great Treant of the High Forest – I found this out only days ago – as did the enemy. He sent these . . . after me to stop me from obtaining the Crystal and it appears that they have succeeded. I have no rangers left to call on – Only Brann was close enough for me to send as a messenger and only you could I trust. I need you now. I can send you to the High Forest – but you MUST find the crystal before the enemy. I will send your comrades after you when my messengers have found them
Be Careful ! – The Phaerimm could be transformed into any shape and appear to be any one – or anything!
The Enemies sent after the Crystal – Are, I believe – A senior Wolven with a Werewolf Lieutenant and a band of Ranger Orcs
I was first advised of this by an old and trusted acquaintance – a being of much power, but limited in many ways. He gave me this symbol (Shows you symbol of your mysterious benefactor) as he has given to others of his contacts, friends and associates. You see . . . . my associates is one of the few remaining Sharn – He has been keeping an eye upon you and your progress, he has been helping where he can, but has been unwilling to tip his hand lest the Phaerimm discover him and accelerate its plans. The time for caution it seems is now past. With one piece in the Enemies hands and another discovered it will be a much simpler task to discover the third.
I know I ask much of you but I am out of Options I will send help if I can. Find Turlang and Talk to him – he may be able to help you. . I do not know . . . For now you are my last hope.
Take this Gemstone – it is imbued with a magic that I can attune to . . .I can send your friends to where the Gem is situated, however I cannot bring you back, Once you have obtained the Crystal you will need to make your own way back. I wish I could do more. Go now – Your friends will follow as soon as I can contact them I will advise them to bring what supplies they can, and I will send what I can with them. Go now . . .May the Goddess be with you . . .for all of our sakes.

Last session:

Day 19 – 30 Month of Mirtul (the Melting) Year 1372 (Year of Wild Magic) – In Silverymoon and the High Forest.

Temperature 4 degrees. 3 inches of snow outside, various periods of the Moon


  1. Gathered information from various sources
    There is a Spy at Council level
  2. Bought/Traded and transferred enchantments on items
  3. Tried using Magic Map to find Arznezra – did not find.
  4. Tried using Magic Map to find Bjaarn – Failed
  5. Looked for Grey Wolf tribe members, Jannesson Torg knows of reliable 1/2 dozen who could be found in a day or so
  6. Ben Arranged Secret Chest and Scroll of Sending with XXX of the Iron Throne Trading Coster.
  7. Ben introduced Damakos to Blind Will, looking for Arznezra and any Zhents (His siblings)
  8. Damakos dug up rumours
    • Silver Wardens re being ambushes, seems to be a spy somewhere highly placed
    • Adventurers are being drafted to assist in the coming war
  9. Instructed Young Tom will relay any rumours form the markets
  10. Dreamed of Trouble coming from unexpected direction
  11. Were Teleported to Moonwood
  12. Received information from Rolor Taybert
  13. Got Teleporting gem from Rolor Taybert
  14. Teleported to a location in forest near Hellgate Keep
  15. Encountered Orc Patrol.
Present Notes NPC’s Role
Ben Delat Rolor Taybert Archdruid of the Moonwood
Kladeson Jet Blind Will Ex-Adventurer now Beggar

Items Found

Who Item Name Item Type Number Notes
Ben Red Silk Runic Armour +4 Armour 1 Ben had this armour dyed Black
Ben Bracers of the Perfect Shot Arms 1 Heroic Tier
Jet Wolf Totemic Belt Waist 1 Given by Jannesson Torg
Jet Hod of the Wolf Head 1 Given by Jannesson Torg
Jet Strikebacks
Jet Stone of Earth 2
Jet Potion of Vitality Potion 3
Jet Boots of Spider Climbing Boots 1
Norreth Circlet of Indomitability Head 1
Norreth Circlet of 2nd Chances Head 1
Norreth Hat of Disguise Head
Norreth Backlash Tattoo Tattoo
Norreth Cord of Divine Favour Waist Given by Temple of Chauntea
Norreth Drakescale Teleporting Armour +3 Armour

Items Found

Where Item Name Item Type Number _.Notes
Druids Grove Shadowstrike Bastard Sword +4 Weapon 1 L17 MoP p 153
Druids Grove Reflective Chainmail +4 Armour 1 L14 AV p 48
Druids Grove Dagger of Arcane Bonds +3 Weapon 1 L14 AV2 p 102

Still looking for

Who Looking for: Available? Cost Notes/Alternate

Other items available

What Item Name: Lvl/Source Cost _.Notes
. . .meanwhile back in Silverymoon

Still on for tomorrow, not a shopping session: What can be had is as follows:

Item Questions

What do the 2 Glow Pearls do?
o Pearl of Power: Lvl 17
o Pearl of Shattering Might – Property: Increases Melee Damage bonus dice on Critical to d10’s

Reminds you that each component can be used separately while still maintaining communication capability up to a mile distant.

What can I buy easily?

Any “Magic Weapon” or “Magic Armour” up to +3 at standard cost Note: this is items like “Magic Weapon +3”, no additional properties or powers. Any potion lvl 10 or less. Any Arcane ritual lvl 12 or less, any standard ammunition. Any other consumable up to lvl 9. Anything outside these will be a dice roll, calling in favours from friends/organisations or commissioning it especially.

What ’bout the stuff I was looking for?

Who Item Lvl Available? Price Alternate Notes
Ben Githweave Runic Armour 13 No 12,000 Cloth Runic Armour +4 (Red Silk Robe) Supplied aat huge discont by Sages
Ben Eagle Eye Goggles 12 No
Ben Bracers of the Perfect Shot 3 Yes 1,100 Heroic Tier only available
Jet Totemic Belt 11 Yes Free Wolf Totem: Given to you by Jannesson Torg
Jet Charger’s Headdress 12 No Hood of the Wolf Your Fathers Headdress, given by Jannesson Torg
Jet Stern Mountain Totem 15 No Totemic Spear +3
Jet Strikebacks Level 10 Uncommon; 10 Yes 6,500
Jet Antipathy Gloves Level 10 Uncommon; 10 No
Jet Stone of Earth 12 Yes 13,000 2 available
Jet Potion of Vitality; 15 Yes 1,000 4 available
Jet Boots of Spider Climbing 5 Yes 1,000
Jet Lucky Charm 14 No
Norreth Circlet of Indomitability 8 Yes 3,400
Norreth Goggles of Night 14 21,000 1 pair available but you do not know if they will work against magical darkness.
Norreth Circlet of Second Chances Yes 680
Norreth Hat of Disguise 5000 head 10 Yes 5,000 Party has a number of amulets of seeming
Norreth Backlash Tattoo 9 Yes 4,200
Norreth Belt of Vim 8 No
Norreth Shielding Girdle 10 No
Norreth Cord of Divine Favor 13 Yes Free Free through Temple of Chauntea
Norreth Power Jewel 5 Yes 1,000
Norreth Ebony Fly No
Norreth Iron Armbands 6 Yes 1,800
Norreth Boots of Eagerness No
Norreth Amulet of Seduction +3 15 Yes 20,000 Upgrade Cost
Norreth Wyvernscale Teleporting Armour +3 12 No 13,000 Drakescale Teleporting Armour +3
Other Pearl of Power (1st level Spell) 1,000
Other Scimitar +1, Special Power: Defending 8,315
Other Lens of detection 3,500 +5 on Perception Check (Standard Action)
Other Wand of Invisibility (37) charges 3,330 Standard Action: A per spell
Other Potion of Charisma 300 +4 Charisma for 10 minutes
Other Potion of Dark Vision 300
Other Ring of Invisibility 20,000
Other Rod of Splendour 25,000
Other Ring of Protection +3 18,000
Other Cloak of the bat 24,000
Other Staff of Life (11) charges Free Heal 20 points damage as standard action: Not rechargeable.
Other Large Steel Sheild +4 of spell resistance 81,170 Encounter: Immediate interrupt; Grants save against any one effect which can be saved against at +5 on saving throw
Other Shocking Greataxe +3 21,000 Does 3d10 Lightning damage on Critical to opponent and any enemy adjacent to opponent

Other Stuff:

Source materials: Yes to Martial Power 2 and PH3.

House Rules

Skills Checks: If Untrained you cannot support skill check. You may attempt a normal skill check for an untrained skill

Shield: Can be used with Arm slot items, Shields are off hand items

Item Creation: Enchanting magical Items takes a Week of elapsed time per Bonus and /or power. This timing is additive per plus and power. A simple +1 weapon would take one week, a +2 weapon would take 3 weeks. A +5 weapon with a daily ability and two properties would take 37 weeks. Level based items will take a number of weeks equal to the level of the item to make.

Next Session

You get eleven days before your next call to action during that time you can train, shop, make contacts as required. This session will be an information and Role playing session leading up to the next adventuring decision.

During the eleven days time you get the following:

  • News from Temple of Helm
  • News from Lord Sedral:
  • News from Methrammar Aerasume:
  • News of Prisoners
  • About Citadel Gareloth

Party Tasks:

  • Sort Gear (Done As above)
  • Train up (where needed – feats etc)
  • Divine Norreth and Thorn to check in on temples
  • Goodbye party with Oryeh and Sturm, including toasts to the fallen Bjarn. using our posh wine of course


  • Jet wants guidance from Primal Spirits about the upcoming showdown, what is the local focus for this
  • Bond with Daemonbane
  • Make Plans for Righting the wrongs committed against his Tribe
  • There is no way to speed up the Bonding time with Daemonbane. It is a phychic and emotional interweaving of minds and emotions with a sentient item. It cannot be hurried
  • Scry Citidal garaloth
  • Scry The Grey Wolves
  • Scry the Orcs and their little wizards.these should all work as they’re not protected by Mythals.
  • See if we are the top feeders in town, or if there are adventurers in the guild of higher level than us.
  • Specific Info on tannaruk and daemonFey in this region over last 1000 years or so, commonly used gates, alliances with other monster varieties, weaknesses, conduits back to the abyss to strike them at their dark hearts etc
Game Log, 2011 Oct 03
Risen no more!

Overview of session (DM narrative)

INCOMPLETE, MORE TO COME (Mainly Treasure list so far)

Last session:

Day 18 – Month of Mirtul (the Melting) Year 1372 (Year of Wild Magic) – In Castle Serastis, Evermoors

Temperature 8 degrees. 2 inches of snow outside, No Moon


  1. Defeated the Risen King

Present Notes NPC’s Role
Ben Delat The Risen King Undead Aspect of
Kladeson Jet Effandra Medusa, Master of Worship
Oryeh - -

Treasure (Description, Reference and Level) Value (gp) Notes
Aegis Inviolable, Heavy Shield Special Legendary Item
Nanietharil , Scale Armor Special Legendary Item
Merthuvial , Longsword Special Legendary Item
Snakeskin Armor of Fire resistance +4 , (AV, p 41 )[lvl 18] 85000 gp Yuan-ti overlap fine “scales” of leather to produce the incredibly supple snakeskin armor. This armor is blackened and singed around the edges
Horn of Undead Enmity , (AV, p 173 )[lvl 17] 65000 gp A Bone horn which makes a haunting sound
Melegaunt’s Darkblade Bastard Sword +4 , (Dungeon Magazine 177) )[lvl 17] 65000 gp This blade of shimmering black glass trails shadowy tendrils as it strikes.
Shadowfell Gloves , (PH, p 247 )[lvl 16] 45000 gp These supple black gloves, woven with Shadowfell thread, are highly prized by wizards and warlocks.
Burning Gauntlets , (AV, p 132 )[lvl 16] 45000 gp Made of iron and constantly trailing wisps of smoke, these plated gloves incite your inner pyromaniac
Sapphire Scabbard , (AV, p 176 )[lvl 15] 25000 gp This scabbard bears a matched pair of azure sapphires
Amulet of Aranea +3 , (AV, p 148 )[lvl 15] 25000 gp A necklace made or fangs, dripping a green ichor
Necklace of Fireballs +3 , (AV, p 153 )[lvl 15] 25000 gp A star ruby, glowing with inner fire, hangs from an iron chain.
Direbeast Heavy Shield , (AV, p 117 )[lvl 15] 45000 gp Covered in bear hides and marked with a wolf ’s head.
Orb of unfailing concentration +3, (PH 3 p 203)[lvl 15] 45000 gp
Rod of Brilliant Wrath +3 , (PH 2, p 205 )[lvl 14] 21000 gp Shimmering blue transparent rod of indeterminate material
Laughing Death Drowmesh Armor +3 , (AV, p 47 )[lvl 14] 21000 gp Armour consisting of strands of leather woven together in a fine lattice for maximum flexibility
Oceanstrider Boots, (AV p 129)[lvl 14] 21000 gp
Spirit Shield Plate Mail Armour +3, (PH 2 p 203)[lvl 14] 21000 gp
Cloak of the Desert +3 , (AV 2, p 65 )[lvl 13] 17000 gp This tan cloak blends in perfectly with the desert sand.
Songbow of Vanishment +3 , (AV 2, p 23 )[lvl 13] 17000 gp A Bow made of shining Ivory
Wand of Shield +3 , (PH, p 244 )[lvl 13] 17000 gp A wand of hazelwood
Anathema Glaive +3 , (PH 3, p 201 )[lvl 13] 17000 gp This weapon shines in the presence of an aberrant menace
Mordenkainens Tome, (AV2 p 42)[lvl 13] 17000 gp
Waraxe of Shared Wrath +3 , (PH 3, p 202 )[lvl 12] 13000 gp
Wyvernscale Armor of Eyes +3 , (PH 3, p 197 )[lvl 12] 13000 gp Armor which mimics the small, close scales of the wyvern, each scale carned with an eye.
Psychic’s Ring , (PH 3, p 213 )[lvl 12] 13000 gp This crystalline ring glitters with energy
Deaths Brink Chainmail Armor +3, (AV 2 p7)[lvl 12] 13000 gp
Goodnight Tincture , (AV, p 28 )[lvl 11] 9000 gp
1 x Greatsword +3, ()[lvl 11] 9000 gp
2 x Spear +3, ()[lvl 11] 9000 gp
2 x Longbow +3, ()[lvl 11] 9000 gp
1 x Double Sword +3, ()[lvl 11] 9000 gp
1 x Urgrosh +3, ()[lvl 11] 9000 gp
2 x Longsword +3, ()[lvl 11] 9000 gp
2 x Kruthik Potion , (AV, p 187 )[lvl 10] 5000 gp
Scimitar +3, ()[lvl 11] 9000 gp
Icon of the Silver Flame , (EPG, p 106 )[lvl 9] 4200 gp
4 x Potion of Vigor , (AV, p 189 )[lvl 9] 4200 gp
Symbol of the Deep , (Dragon 381, p 90 )[lvl 9] 4200 gp
Bones of the Traveler , (EPG, p 105 )[lvl 8] 3400 gp
Thorn Grasp Soulfang , (Dragon 378, p 59 )[lvl 8] 3400 gp
3 x Onslaught Arrow , (AV 2, p 27 )[lvl 7] 2600 gp
Potion of Mimicry , (AV, p 188 )[lvl 7] 100 gp
1 x Crossbow +2, ()[lvl 6] 1800 gp
2 x Shortsword +2, ()[lvl 6] 1800 gp
1 x Mace +2, ()[lvl 6] 1800 gp
1 x Scimitar +2, ()[lvl 6] 1800 gp
3 x Longsword +2, ()[lvl 6] 1800 gp
5 x Alchemist’s Frost , (AV, p 24 )[lvl 6] 1800 gp
3 x Augmenting Whetstone , (AV, p 190 )[lvl 6] 1800 gp
3 x War Axe +1, [lvl 1] 360 gp
2 x Shortbow +1, [lvl 1] 360 gp
3 x Halberd +1, [lvl 1] 360 gp
1 x Greataxe +1, [lvl 1] 360 gp
3 x Longsword +1, [lvl 1] 360 gp


The Risen King, Effandra and Nagathas 1,200 xp each

Next Session:

  1. Back to Silverymoon
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    Game Log, 2011, Sep 19th
    . . . Victory ?

    Last session:

    Day 18 – Month of Mirtul (the Melting) Year 1372 (Year of Wild Magic) – In Castle Serastis, Evermoors

    Temperature 8 degrees. 2 inches of snow outside, No Moon


    1. Looted Dretch Swarm Area,
    2. Defeated Sulvaugren , Tolvul and Bodyguards
    3. Revealed the Forgotten King

    Present Notes NPC’s Role
    Ben Delat Sulvaugren Master of Worlds, Master of the Yuan-Ti Cult
    Kladeson Jet Tolvul Mind Flayer, Inquisitor of Souls
    Oryeh - -

    Overview of session (DM narrative)

    Still dripping with the repulsive ichor of the defeated Dretch Swarm the group made its way further upstairs and found the inside temple. A large octagonal space with flickering red light given off by braziers which oozed a noxius smoke across the room. Immediately visible were three Stone biers each attended by a large Yuan-ti clutching a Greatsword. At the foot of the largest stone bier stood writhed an enormous bloated Yuan-Ti armed with an oversized scimitar and carrying a shield which had to be the Aegis Inviolable, this must be Saulvugren, Master of Worlds, leader of the cult of Sertrous. The party could see even at a distance that his eyes had been gouged out and black blood ran down its bloated face on onto its chest. He turned towards the party and smiled through the blood.

    At last you have arrived . . . Come and we will feast on your bones . . . .

    The battle commenced when Oryeh charged across the room ignoring all obstacles and other enemies to smite Saulvugren a mighty blow with Daemonbane, The cult leaders bodyguards moved to intercept the rest of the party focussed their attacks on one of them, some of them becoming enveloped in writhing tendrils of incense which left them disoriented , making them more vulnerable and throwing off the timing of their blows. Despite this the first bodyguard was made short work of. As he dropped lifeless to the floor Thorn caught a movement behind them, the Tolvul the Mind Flayer Inquisitor emerged from a portal on one side of the room unleashing a mind blast which stunned Norreth and Damakos. The battle battle then began in earnest. While short the fight was brutal traversed the width and length of the room, The immense strength of the blows of the Yuan-Ti offset by the healing abilities of the Bonehunters. In an attempt to dissipate the debilitating smoke Ben destroyed on of the braziers, unfortunately this only served to extend the reach of the smoke and thicken the foul incense.

    The bonehunters took vicious wounds which were enhanced by poison an death magic but one by one the bodyguards fell but in the melee of spells and blows the remaining braziers fell, spreading their foul vapor throughout the room.

    The Mindflayer did not move quickly enough to escape the weapons of the party before he was felled leaving only Sulvaugren. This abomination laid about himself with reckless disregard for his own injuries. Some blows seemed to have little effect on him but the bonehunters relentlessly wore him down. Eventually Sulvaugren fell, however he did so with a smile on his face and a whispered . . .

    At lassst , you seal your own fate . . . . .

    With this parting sigh his bloated corpse seemed to shrink in upon itself, deflating with his essence visibly passing to the large bier, the smoky essence draining from the body until only a fragile husk remained. As the last of the essence entered the stone the entire room began to shake, a roaring filled the air and then, with an explosive blast the bier exploded smashing those around it to the floor. The explosion cracked floorstones and rent great cracks in the walls and roof. As the dust began to settle the bone hunters saw a solitary figure standing where the bier had been. A skeletal Armoured figure emanating a dark and fearsome power . . . .The Forgotten King. . . . . or as he is now knon . . .the Risen King!

    Daarken 12

    Treasure Estimated Total Value (gp) Notes
    [L15]: Orb (Magical) (unidentified)
    [L14]: Oceanstrider Boots (AV, p 129 [Feet Slot Items])
    [L13]: Armor [Magical Plate Armor] (Unidentified)
    [L13]: Mordenkainen’s Tome +3 (AV 2, p 42 [Tomes])
    [L12]: Armor [Magical Chain Armor] (Unidentified)
    87 pp, 820 gp, 9,720 gp
    2 fire opal gems 1000 gp each
    3 emerald gems 1000 gp each


    Dretch Swarm 650 xp each
    Sulvaugren, Tolvul and bodyguards: 850 xp (Except Norreth and Damakos)

    Next Session:

    1. The Forgotten King
    Game Log - 2011, September 5
    Stopping the Sacrifice!

    Last session:

    Day XX – Day XX – Month of XXX – In Castle Serastis

    Weather: XX


    1. Defeated Shiuan, Cultist of Sertrous
    2. Released Sacrificial prisoners
    3. Released Arzanezra, Paladin of Cyric
    Present Notes NPC’s Role
    Ben Delat Reldar Leader of Grey Fists
    Thorn Knuck Grey Fist Halfling Ranger
    Oryeh Selina Grey Fist Human Shaman
    Sturm Bandar Grey Fist Dward Cleric
    Norreth Bolt Grey Fist Human Fighter
    Damakos Rayvaan Silver Wardens Ranger
    Rasp Grey Fist Dward Cleric
    Phyllius Three tongues Human Fighter
    Gisane Agerra Genasi Swordmage
    Xec Razorclaw Shifter Seeker
    Bariel Feywise Wilden Priestess of Meilikki
    Uldreth Thighsplitter Half Ogre Avenger of Torm
    Bjaarn Human Babarian
    Arzanezra Paladin of Cyric

    Overview of session (DM narrative)

    After almost a solid day of combat against the cultists which finished with the defeat of one of the key priests of Sertrous the Bonehunters regrouped outside Castle Serastis and continued summoning help. After carving a large symbol in the turf as a homing point for the Company of the Grey Fist they rested to regain their energy for the final assault.

    The decision was taken by the Bonehunters to ignore the demi planes as much as possible and go straight for the rescue of hostages who were to be sacrificed as part of the ritual summoning the spirit of Sertrous into the body of the forgotten king.

    Unfortunately without rest the Bonehunters knew that they might not be ultimately successful in their goal of disrupting the ceremony . With regret they rested. As they rested reinforcements arrived. . . .


    The company of the Grey Fist, or rather their fit component teleported to the village into the area prepared. Reldar of the Grey Fist bought disturbing news. The Orcs were on the move in force. A Vast army estimated at some 10,000 strong was moving from the mountains towards Silvrymoon. The orcs were well equipped with both weapons and an unusually high level of magical support, from scrolls to wands to powerful weapons for their leaders. These items were not of orcish manufacture and it seems that they have been supplied by some other enemy of Silverymoon.


    Silverymoon had called on it’s allies for support and started conscripting any experienced warriors, particularly through the mercenaries and adventurers guilds. The Grey Fist were sent into the Moonwood to support Lord Sedrals Druids and Rangers of the Silver Wardens in the disruption of the Orcish vanguard. They have successfully slowed down the orcish advance but at a horrific casualty rate among the Silver Wardens. Both Halis and Karadin Trollbane of the Grey Fist were badly injured in the fighting and are recovering from their injuries in Silverymoon . The rest of the Grey Fist came as son as they could but required rest before they could be of use.

    More Reinforcements

    Not long after the Grey Fists arrival there was another somewhat surprising appearance by Norreth from the Daemonfey stronghold currently occupied by the Giants. It seems he had been contacted by your mutual mysterious benefactor two days ago along with another group who are allied. They came overland at the best speed possible but the murderous pace they set left some by the wayside. Arriving with Norreth were :

    • Damakos: Tiefling Ardent
    • Rasp: Human Cormyran mercenary Mage
    • Phyllius Three tongues: Charismatic Human Bard
    • Gisane Agerra: Genasi Swordmage
    • Xec: Razorclaw Shifter Seeker

    Left along the way were:

    • Bariel Feywise: Wilden Priestess of Meilikki
    • Uldreth Thighsplitter: Half Ogre Avenger of Torm

    It is expected that Bariel and Uldeth will make their way to Castle Serastis as soon as they are able.

    Damakos has bought news from your benefactor but it was decided that the urgency of the current situation was paramount and that he would update you after this had been resolved.

    Decisions, decisions !

    In order to maximise the effectiveness of the adventurers it was decided to split into three groups and try for multiple objectives at the same time after much discussion the split was as follows:

    1. Reldar, Bandar, Bolt, Knuck and Selina together with Rayvaan went through the portal to the Swamp
    2. Rasp, Phyllius, Gisane and Xec would try and save the Faery folk in the Grotto, As added strength Bjaarn and Jet agreed to accompany them, Jet specifically for his wilderness skills and a burning desire to prevent the helpless slaughter of the Faerie. Bjaarn as muscle to replace Uldreth.
    3. The Bonehunters. Due to his instructions from your benefactor Damakos insisted on coming with the Bonehunters, as did Norreth, although his given reason was to prevent the sacrifices. This third group were to go directly to the Tower of Worship to disrupt the human sacrifices and to free as many prisoner’s as possible.

    The Bonehunters were successful in the first part of their mission, They found a room filled with unspeakable horrors where prisoners were being slowly sacrificed on a stone block in the centre of the room. When they arrived a cultist was wrestling with a female warrior who still had the remains of shackles on her wrists. After dispatching the cultist Oryeh struck down the prisoner stating “She is Evil”, this sparked debate in the party as she was clearly a prisoner and due for sacrifice. Sturm took a strong line and pushed her from the room closing the door behind her. It was while searching the room that the party found her clothes and determined that she was a worshipper of Cyric, God of Murder, Lies and deceit. When they looked out the door again she was gone. The group freed the prisoners and took them outside to the village to recover, they then immediately set forth to try and get to the Tower of Worlds and disrupt the main ritual.

    When they went through the portal from the Tower of Worship they found themselves in the centre of a room and the portal disappeared behind them. As soon as this happened thousands of tiny demons swarmed and attacked them . . . . .

    Meanwhile. . .

    Jet, Bjaarn and their companions came through a portal to find a sunlit green glade with the sound of falling water coming though the trees. They also smelled blood in the air . . .

    They came through the wood into a small grotto were a narrow waterfall fell from the cliffs into a pool of water. Scattered along the banks and in the pool were numerous bodies. A search of the area revealed no loving creatures. Clearly they had arrived too late. The bodies were those of the Faerie slaughtered by the Vanguard of Sertrous. The group remembered that they were the descendants’ of the Faerie Queen who had blessed the birth of the Forgotten King. Too rescuers had arived too late, the Vanguard had returned with their prize.

    As the moved closer to the waterfall an almost subliminal sound drew Jet, Xec and Gisane. They looked and saw the phantom face in the waterfall, the face that of a Faerie woman. Her whispered words initially begged for assistance, then, ore clearly they each hear. “I fear you are too late to aid us . . . Yet you might still be the agents of our vengeance” A feeling of staunch resolve cam over the three as the face faded into the waterfall, never to return. The dying blessings of the Feyrie ride with them.

    The group made their way back to the portal, when they exited it took them to the main temple room near the black ziggurat. They adjourned outside to discuss next steps and met with Bariel and Uldreth. Jet decided to go and let the Bonehunters know what had transpired and the remaining adventurers set off for the third portal, to the Blasted Lands.

    Jet hurried off to alert his companions and . . .on entering the portal found himself in the middle of a raging battle with thousands of Dretches attacking the Bonehunters . . . . . . .and here we resume.

    Treasure Estimated Total Value (gp) Notes
    Scimitar + 3 (Soul Drinker) 21,000 gp
    Dagger ?? Unable to determine value but seems same make as the sword Merthuvial
    Giant Serpent Skull 1,000 gp
    Fangs of Green Dragon 1,000 gp
    Snake Bladed Silvered Bastard Sword 600 gp
    +3 Holy Symbol of COnfrontation (Cyric) 17,000


    XP = 200 each for Combat, +300 each for releasing prisoners.

    Next Session:

    1. Defeat Dretches
    2. Find and disrupt Ritual
    Game Log - August

    The Story from Walker

    Walker was part of a group tasked with retrieving the bones of the Forgotten King from the grave robbers who broke into the temple and took it and the associated artifacts. His story is as follows

    An organization known as the Vanguard of Sertrous recently sent a tomb-robber named Xeron to the town of Kingsholm in Damara. North of the town stands the tomb of the forgotten king, an ancient sovereign prophesied to return from death to defend the land against terrible evil. Within the sarcophagi of the forgotten king and the faithful companions who had served him in life were hidden magic items of great power. With those relics, the Vanguard of Sertrous planned to wreak untold havoc. Possessing the remains of the king himself would allow them to prevent the prophecy from ever being fulfilled-or worse yet, to corrupt it for their own ends.

    Xeron and his allies broke into the tomb and made off not only with the magic items, but also wirh the bones of the forgotten king. Although Xeron was defeated by Walker and his companions, his allies met up with other operatives of the Vanguard who transported the bones and relics through the depths of the Underdark. Walker pursued them through the subterranean city of Pedestal and to the lair of an ancient drow necromancer.

    There, they recovered one of the relics and slew a Vanguard operative, only to discover that the others and the bones had disappeared through a mystic portal. In an attempt to wrest unspeakable power from the grip of the Vanguard, and to return the forgotten king to his rightful resting place the brave adventurers followed through the portal only to find an ambush lying in wait. Between the Psychic blasts of a Mind Flayer, the deadly arrows and petrification powers of a Medusa and the combined might of the Yuan-Ti and allies the party was felled. There ensued weeks of Torture and deprivation as the Yuan-To carried on with their ritual. Walker, although blinded is the only survivor of the group sent to retrieve the remains.

    The Story from Zoldathra, Master of the Word

    “I am Zoldathra, Master of the Word. I have been a member of the Vanguard of ”/campaign/d2/wikis/sertrous" class=“wiki-page-link”> Sertrous for decades. Until recently, I thought that I was privy to the greatest secrets of my organization. I was wrong. Sulvaugren and his foolish lickspittles wish for Sertrous to come to his full power and sweep though the word in a sweep of nihilistic power. They seek their reward in the next work after this one is no more.

    My goal is somewhat simpler, I wish for Sertrous to bring only enough of his power to this plane to enable The Vanguard to rule and dominate the warmling world as is our ancient right."

    “Make no mistake, One day, ”/campaign/d2/wikis/sertrous" class=“wiki-page-link”> Sertrous will rise and the Vanguard will rule in his name. You cannot stop that. But perhaps we can work together in the interim, to prevent the travesty envisioned by the Vanguard’s current leaders."

    “It was only recently I learned that the creature they intend to bring forth with the Sacrament of the Risen Abyss is intended not to rule the world, but to help destroy it. I dare not move against my leaders directly, bur perhaps with my assistance, you can accomplish what I cannot. DO not be mistaken, I will raise my Lord ”/campaign/d2/wikis/sertrous" class=“wiki-page-link”> Sertrous, but I will do it properly without the deluded notions affecting the minds of the current leadership. You will either succeed, or you will fail, if you succeed you may live to see my rise to power. If you fail . . .well, it all becomes a bit irrelevant for you I suppose, one way or another you will die screaming"

    To finalise the ritual as envisaged requires great sacrifice of blood and pain, this is well in hand but should you disrupt further sacrifices it will serve to weaken the final result. I believe the latest batch of offerings are still in the Tower of the Will awaiting their fate in the Reliquary.

    There are also four items which will be used to strengthen the ritual further. These items are being retrieved by agents of the Vanguard currently. These have not yet been made available to Sulvaugren but he is expecting them within the next three days. They are the phylactery of a lich who was one of the forgotten king’s

    greatest enemies, you may have known him as the Witch King of Vaasa; the king’s scepter; the blood of a fey whose family once blessed the king’s line; and an object touched by Sertrous himself. Each may be accessed by one of the portals found in the highest level of the Tower of the Way. Each portal leads to an area in which one of Ihe necessary components can be found. You will have to either beat the Vanguard operatives to the components or take them by force if you wish to prevent their use in the sacrament."

    The portals will take you to the Cave, the Swamp, the Grotto, the Plains and the Tower of the World. I leave you instructions, the rest is up to you. Fare well warmling for your success will forward my plans enormously.

    The Tower of Worlds

    “The tower is built atop the cliff, but it is out of phase with the rest of our world. The sacrament rakes place there even as we speak. Be warned, though-enough of the sacrament’s components are already assembled that it can no longer be stopped. Your only hope lies in thwarting the collection of the last relics necessary for the rites, and in harrying the so-called leaders of the Vanguard as they seek to complete their plans. Perhaps if you are successful the entity they animate may be weak enough to defeat.”


    • Wait in Tower of the Way to see if Vanguard operatives come back with items. Risk is that they return via a different route.
    • Go directly to the Tower of Worlds to disrupt Sacrifices and hope to intercept Operatives
    • Go to portals and try to get the Items before the operatives.
    • Run away . . .really really fast . . .
    Game Log May 2011

    Last session:

    Day xx. Month of xx (xx) – In Evermoors

    Weather xxx , temperature between high of x c and low of x c, winds are light



    1. Fought through mezzanine level of tower
    2. Defeated patrol of poison dusk lizardfolk.
    3. Encountered and defeated ignan yuan ti and dusk lizardfolk in barracks room
    4. Defeated MegaSaurus skeleton and Baboon wraiths
    5. Half Elven mage who boosted undead Baboons and MegaSaurus escaped
    6. Room baboon wraiths came from was cell block found Content Not Found: Rollin
    7. Found out about lower dungeon/prisoners/inquisitor

    Present Notes NPC’s Role
    Ben Delat Bjaarn Barbarian Warrior
    Kladeson Jet Rollin Tortured Prisoner


    XP = 1783 for Fight, 2 Milestones. Managed short rest.

    The party made its way down the ramp to the lower level of the tower where they had been told of the Dungeon, it’s prisoners and the Inquisitor – Yensurros.

    As they came to the first row of cells they started looking

    During fight the 1/2 elven necromancer went missing, party never found him again.

    Party went through door the monkeys came from to find torture chamber with many instruments of gruesome painfulness.

    Chamber contained 3 cells. Inside one was a barely alive human male called Rollin. Party kept him alive and found out that there were more prisoners in the cells below together with a ghostly Yuan-Ti inquisitor/torturer. Party got Rollin out to farmers and went to release prisoners.

    Found a number of prisoners (did not release any yet) when suddenly . . . materialising out of a wall came a horrifying ghostly Yuan-Ti. He touched Ben and pushed him through a wall into a locked cell. Luckily Ben was able to teleport out immediately. The party unleashed a full round of attacks and many spent an action point to try and take it down.

    What You know.

    • The thing lives to hurt people, it whispers of pain and suffering constantly and takes a hideous joy in the suffering of others.
    • The apparition is Insubstantial and has some kind of resistance to damage.
    • It’s unearthly wail dazes party members for a distance and gives them ongoing Necrotic damage
    • It’s touch can make people phase and push them through walls, then they unphase.
    • It’s ghostly tail coils can slide people then immobilize them, the people they end up next to are slowed
    • It can move through walls with ease as part of it’s movement.
    • It flies.

    It is a tough Mutha.

    The combat ended to howls of protest on the dot of 10.30 and at the top of the initiative order. After 2 full rounds of the party wailing on it and blowing action points it is down about 80 hp and does not look badly hurt.

    There are concerns that the huge pit in the middle of the floor may contain horrid critters which may get involved in the combat. Who knows what lies beyond the 20 odd doors on this level that the group has not yet had a chance to explore?

    Game Log Nov 2010
    The Elven Solution.

    The Elves Story

    . . . . .Two demons of great size and strength have been summoned by the Daemonfey to wreak vengeance on the Elven Race. Females are used up by the male demon, they do not survive the birthing process. The males are used and injured by the female demon and forced to impregnated it every three months. Sometimes the Demons are over enthusiastic and kill the elves who they mate with. When this happens the bodies are dumped inside the summoning circle. The beast usually come every 60-90 days and were last here 10 days ago.

    The rest of the time the Daemonfey and their Gnoll servitors spend tormenting the prisoners mentally (and sometimes physically). They advise the names of three of the Daemonfey. Patrith, a mage warrior, Vinoon, a powerful sorcerer and Vishaan, a priestess. It is she who keeps them alive by healing their most grievous wounds. She also has been kn own to use he magical daggers to torture the prisoners before healing them, after all as she has said “We need you bodies . . not your minds”

    Vinoon is particularly fond of verbally taunting the prisoners with discussion of a plot which “will cripple the elven race on this continent leaving them to scurry and scuttle to whatever pitiful refuge they may find”. Other than take delight in this concept he has not been forthcoming with details.

    Only once have they seen the offspring, Huge wolf like creatures of supernatural speed and strength.

    Jazeel Laraniear.
    Pregnant and close to birth when the party found them she lies catatonic and does not react at all to any external stimulus.

    Taulron Silverleaf
    Badly scarred across his genitals and entire body, Taulron has been here the longest of the surviving elves. He was captured by Gnolls and tgransported through a series of portals to get here. He tells of a friend, Luriel Goldspear, who he found in one of the other complexes. Luriel had been a captive apparently for nearly three years. He is immensely strong of will and somehow has survived the horrific mating process again and again. If anyone will k now more of the Daemonfeys plans it will be him.

    Mintar Gilleam
    Captured on the road from Silverymoon to Waterdeep in an Orc raid Mintar was bought here through several portals which seemed to be used frequently. The orcs were well equipped and merciless. They killed everyone, but took pains to capture the three elves in the Caravan.. The prisoners were spplit up and he ended up here, at the old stronghold of the Aurumin order, where he arrive naked, bound and gagged andd blindfolded just in time for his first encounter with the She Beast. He has no idea what happened to his friend Alomir or Baz, the other elf from the caravan.

    The Parties view

    High in the mountains, attained by Phantom Steed and Magical Portals, the Bonehunters discover the Aruman Orders ancient headquarters. Tanarook, enslaved by ruthless taskmasters toil to enlarge access to the caverns, to allow what for, entry or exit is uncertain; fed and freed they foolishly take to Bjarn, the doughty barbarian who seeks cold revenge against colder drakes.
    The rest of the group, temporarily trampled by Elven Golems, are beseiged by familiar gnollish criminals; together with a Demonfey from the depths of the complex. The battle is hard fought, the Demonfey escapes with conjuring trickery, and the Bonehunters, barely pausing for breath advance into the old walls, guided by the Scaleburner blade to seeks its kin.
    Ancient magics guard an old chapel, now defiled, of the Dawngod, the spell freezes Thorn for many minutes, whilst the party discovers rude truths about captive Elves, Hybrid Demonfey and Demongnolls. Assisting the freed fey with soothing magics and victuals, and leaving Bjarn to guard yet more recently freed captives(!),the group sketches the specifics of a Portal around a carrion pit where great evil progenators are said to arrive from.
    Seeking the cold trail of a Demonfey, the group discovers an antechamber with a secret trapdoor, below which Scaleburner seeks to lead us. Oryah touches the blade to the trapdoor, and it lowers slowly into the ground revealing a small holy shrine, home to a shield, a breastplate and a book.

    Game Log 24

    A humble summary from Sturm, would be nowhere near Jet’s.

    As we stand before the double doors of the Cooper’s, the non-human guards sound the alarm and we face our enemy. As they change shapes from humanoids to wolves, we realize that these monsters are familiar to us, they are the horse ripping, jumpy skirmishing basterds and ever healing master of theirs who have escaped once from our grasp but no more!. With the Loremaster on our side Sturm jumps into close combat overconfident and lowers enemy defenses, inreturn the enemy lowers his points so quickly that down he goes. Thorn charges in challenging the evil master and Oryeh encouraging all the atacks against it promising great success, guided by our leader Ben and Talis joins the strike. with the power of all group concantrated on one fool, it takes over 150 damage and goes down in one round not yet dead though. We advance into the house, Sturm got back up by Loremaster’s concacrated ground and Oryeh’s inspiring word, jumps in lowers defenses grant some healing and beaten to death again by the wolf shaped monsters. The group looks in control of the enemy while loremaster seals the door behind with a magical blades, and traps one fool outside running away. Ben is throwing whirwinds,thunders and lightinings all over the room with an unleashed frenzy as he stands in the middle without fear eventhough the priest eats dirt just next to him. Talis blasts his enemies with confidence that Helm is on his side guiding his sword, and Thorn charges in towards the cleric and sorcerer shielding them from further atacks and pursiuts the backpedalling fool and transforms into a savage beast, where Oryeh masters his tactics on the battlefield granting movement and more advantage to his allies. The group notices that the poison they cant shrugg off heals the evil leader and keeps it alive, and the others start to draw the group’s own powers to use against them. There the fight stays balanced, many bloodied monsters but only one dead and one escaped, gaining powers, on the other side the party is controlling the battlefield but missing their atacks a few rounds, and the cleric is up on his feet again healing two bloodied comrades to full. Yet again the fight turns in parties favor and 2 more monsters are dead on the ground. Now it is almost clear that the enemy forces are in dissarray and victory is near. in that moment clanks and stomps of an armored force is heard from the back door of the room. reinforcements are coming.. Bring it on!

    Game Log 16

    Last session:

    Day 26 – Month of Hammer (Deepwinter) – In the Moonwood

    Weather Cold no snow, ranges between high of 3 c and low of -1 c, winds are light


    1. Defeated Gnolls and Minions at Farmhouse
    2. Heard . . something . . . in the forest

    Present Notes NPC’s Role
    Ben Delat
    Kladeson Jet

    Overview of session (DM narrative)

    . . The fight raged on, homicidal gnolls charging into the fray backed by gigantic Dire Wolves, all the time the Hyenas harrying the party.

    The flames continued to lick at the barn and a hellish light began to show through the doorway as the stored hay caught alight . .

    Jet, surrounded by foes, held the centre as his enemies vainly tried to take him down. Thorn battled heroically against the leader while the Gnoll shaman cast spell after spell at him attempting to bring him down also.

    Ben laid down fire at the enemy while maintaining impassable areas and flaying the skin from unwary minions with his storm powers while Oryeh seemed to be assisting everyone at once, his sword darting in and slicing at the foes when they least expected it.

    Underpinning these efforts were the healing abilities of Sturm as he boldly strode through the enemy to administer the healing power of his God where needed.

    Although arriving late to the battle Talis tipped the balance as the recuperative powers of the party proved too much for their fanatic opponents.

    One by one the Gnolls dropped, none showing fear, none retreating . . . at least not until the chest quiveringly loud howl from the treeline. This howl made those of the Dire Wolves seem akin to the whimpering of a kicked puppy.

    At the new signal the few remaining Gnolls broke for freedom. Only two made it.

    As the party surveyed the battlefield they found a the bodies of a dozen strongly muscled hyenas, three dire wolves and almost twenty of the seven foot tall Gnolls. At the end only one Gnoll allowed himself to be taken prisoner. The dead gnolls included both the shaman and the leader who had fought on in his battle frenzy far past the time when any normal creature would have been unable to continue.


    XP = 550 for all except Talis for battle with Gnolls. Talis gets 450 xp

    XP = 250 each for Tactics, backup and generally having fun !!


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